The importance of doing a First Aid Course

One moment, one accident, one mistake. That is all it take and just like that, life ends.

Hi I’m Catherine from Survival CPR. We at Survival are passionate about teaching people how to save lives! Between us, we have worked in trauma units, on the road, in helicopters and in ICU and during that time what became apparent is that accidents DO happen! At home, At school, on the road. But they can be avoided by being aware and being prepared for anything. We are here to prepare you for when an emergency DOES occur! The difference that you can make to a person’s life while waiting for the emergency services is phenomenal! We not just talking about life, we talking about saving the patient’s brain!

How long can the brain survive without oxygen? Well, The brain can survive up to about six minutes without oxygen, depending on the circumstances. The reality is, it might take roughly 20 minutes for the paramedics to get to you and yes! they can save a life, but they can’t save a brain.

  • Our instructors are all highly qualified ICU and trauma sisters and have had years of critical experience.
  • American Heart Association and Resuscitation Council of South Africa endorse and certify our course
  • Discovery Vitality even rewards our course attendees with 2500 Vitality points for completing the course.
  • We offer courses to  Parents to be ;Parents with Babies and small children -our Infant and Child CPR and
  • First Aid Course . We also run courses for  Aupairs and Domestic workers.

Imagine being empowered with the ability to save someone’s life.  It could be a loved one. We can empower you! You could be the difference between saving a life or losing it.

Article written by Sr Catherine Rodwell who teaches First Aid and CPR Course at Genesis Maternity Clinic.

For more information on her courses, please view here.


Catherine on 082 896 1820