The Birth of Bokamoso Hlalefang Radebe

I CANNOT believe that it’s ME on the other side…I’M ON THE FLIP SIDE NOW…W.O.W…
This is MY STORY

Last week Thursday around this time I was scared as HELL. As a first time moma you don’t know whether to feel EXCITED OR AFRAID…

I had Educated myself as from the day the pregnancy test showed 2 lines. I wanted to do EVERYTHING possible to have the most positive birth expirience AND I DID.
I changed from public clinic [where I was told my hubby or ANYONE else would not be allowed in when I deliver and that they don’t allow Doulas because they aren’t actually necessary] to the in house birth unit at Genesis clinic with their staff midwives only when I was 32weeeks because atleast we had managed to come up with the money required for booking my stay (wasn’t on medical aid)
I looked for a student Doula for MONTHS on end and even got bashed on THIS group that im booked to give birth in an expensive private clinic so why would i want a free Doula?
I asked A LOT on the group and followed the advises ( raspberry leaf tea, bouncy ball, sex, dates, relaxation etc )
I googled positive birth stories
I inboxed I think about 16 moms on the group asking about their experiences.
I was a fuss and a nuisance but NEVER cared. I wanted my dream birth and I was going to HAVE it!!!!
In ALL that I did… PRAYER is the one that topped them ALL (mommies my staff midwife [Sr Martha] had her hand on her Rosery and bowed down in prayer while I was in between pushing breaks- I was in complete AWE)

I got up on my checkup date of 38weeks
(1st February 2018) wanting to prepare myself to go and see the Sr doing my checkups. Saw thick discharge on panties and proceeded to take shower. After I got dressed I felt these sharp period like pains.
I went straight to bedroom lit a candle and asked GOD that this be it.
I then contacted my aunt and hubby and we decided to go in. I arrived at Genesis with the biggest anxiety EVER. a Midwife came to greet me and put me on a monitor. She did a cervical check [which I was SO AFRAID of doing Aunty had to hold my hand] I was told that I am 2cm DIALATED.
Sr told me to go home and relax my mind and body. On the ride back, still with contractions about 15min apart I began challenging myself to be more EXCITED than afraid!!!
We stopped for some hot wings and discussed and argued about who baby would look like which helped my mind deviate from the pain and build more excitement.
Oh did I mention I finally got a WILLING and WONDERFUL Doula [Alisa Scott]to help me? We had even already prepared a birth plan which was forwarded to the clinic.

I then got home and began cutting a lot of pineapple and snacking.
Hubby and I took a 35 min walk around the block with frequent stops as the pain started to progress.
I went inside the shower and then hubby contacted my Doula. My grandmother came in the door and I felt so blessed. We prepared my snacks and drinks and hubby made me a sandwich. We watched a movie and then I began not being able to concentrate… I moaned and grunted. I paced around for about 20min then I said it “I THINK IT’S TIME” hubby contacted my Doula again and everyone took their position.

We drove to Genesis and pictures of my baby boy began flashing in my mind. We arrived and [Sr Sinenhlanhla] greeted me with a very warm welcome. My amazing Doula stepped in the door and immediately brushed my hand.
I felt so much pressure down there I told the midwife that I needed the loo. She calmly told me no loo for now as she needs to put me on a monitor. We arrived inside my birth room, I was put on a monitor and she performed a cervical check…GUESS WHO WAS 10CM DAILATED??????

The midwife’s EXACT words were “ACTUALLY I think we are ready to push” We were all puzzled as we thought she was kidding.
She began running the bath and went out to call a 2nd midwife [Sr Martha] They had to break my water since no waters broke…

I got inside the water and felt THE extreme URGE to PUSH! I tried 3 pushes in the water with my hubby behind me. On the 4th push we all decided I move to the bed. My hubby positioned himself behind me. Doula on my left and my granny on my right.

I had such a hard time pushing and in so much pain. I started doubting that I could do it but my hubby and Doula kept telling me that I COULD do it! I was given my favourite blue Powerade to sip on in between the breaks… I began pushing with all the cheering in the room as hard as I could and FINALLY got my baby to crown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I DEFINITELY felt what they call The Ring of Fire! After 3 excruciating pushes I welcomed my son into this world on Friday 02 February 2018 at 12.25am Weighing 3.25kg with only 2 stitches… When I saw him I immediately forgot about all the pain. I was shaking from disbelief and when they placed him on my chest I was afraid I would drop him. We did skin to skin while we waited for the cord to stop pulsating and then hubby happily cut the cord… thereafter gave him to hubby so I could birth the placenta

What a successful Unmedicated birth.
I trusted my Body, Midwives, Doula, Hubby,Granny and most importantly GOD!!!
A DREAM birth team.

I am blessed and highly favoured.

Thanks so so much if it wasn’t for Genesis and its lovely staff I dont think I would have had such an amazing birth
Genesis is REALLY the place to give birth. I am blessed