Marilyn Sher

Marilyn Sher ~ Independent Midwife

Your birth is our passion

For as long as I can remember babies were my passion looking after other people’s babies baby sitting in my teen age midwifery was a natural course to follow. To say I am passionate about supporting mom’s and dad’s through pregnancy and labour is to say the least. Now having gone through times of academia and in to natural birth I am able to offer mom’s the birth they are hoping to have natural birth is my preferable route of birthing I can be aware of problems that arise and know how to handle them.

My aim is for mom’s to say after the birth that it was a positive experience no matter the outcome.

How we work

It is suggested that you see your doctor up until 22 weeks. In this time the necessary tests are done and the 20 week scan. After that you come and see us and we get to know each other.

Consultation Times 

Saturdays: Genesis Maternity Clinic: 07:00 to 12:00
Tuesday: Genesis Maternity: 07:00 to 16.30
To make an appointment, and futher information contact Elizabeth on 083 388 4424.
Elizabeth is also a doula and can be contacted on the same number.

Antenatal Visits

Monthly up to 30 weeks.
2 weekly up to 36 weeks.
Weekly up to 40-42 weeks.
We allow you to go to 42 weeks before doing induction. A doctor's visit is recommended at 36 weeks to meet covering gynecologist to assess baby's development.

You are given hourly appointments to enable us to discuss any questions you might have and how you would like your birth to happen.

Attendance at birth

When you think or know you are in labour, you contact either me or Marilyn. We keep in telephonic contact until you are ready to go into hospital. This usually occurs when contractions are 5-10 minutes apart. We then meet you at the hospital and stay with you for your labour, do the birth and settle you post delivery 1 hour.

Home visits are done for 2 days after delivery to assess you and your baby's wellbeing. Veronica and I are in partnership and either one of us will assist at your birth.

Contact Us

We would like to hear from you. Should you wish to contact us, you can do so by using the following options:

Elizabeth: 083 388 4424 (For info and appointments)

 Marilyn Sher: 083 268 5422

 Veronica Park: 082 741 9281