Tsholo Bless

Tsholo Bless

Private Doula

" Be brave, be strong , be fearless...you are never alone.".

I have always been fascinated by science, the miracle of birth and had the privilege of attending a birth in my final year of university and it was breathtaking! I have not looked back since and the birth of a child still pulls at my heart strings each time. I love helping women embrace optimal wellness by encouraging a holistic view of birth and beyond. I am also passionate about seeing new families thrive by empowering parents to be as they embrace the lifestyle change and spiritual growth. I had the opportunity of working in Clinical Research on HIV & Breast milk. I was inspired by the mothers of premature babies who persevered in doing Kangaroo Mother Care or Skin-to-Skin...this has broadened my view and has given me experience that I can confidently share with my parents to be. 


  • Maternity Wellness Coach, 
  • (WOMBS certified Doula)
  • CIMI Baby Massage Instructor (IAIM-U.K.)
  • CIDESCO Health & Skincare Therapist
  • Holistic Maternity Massage Therapist & Reflexologist (Camelot International)


Tsholo Bless 

Tsholo 083 712 7378