Shasta Goodfellow

“I am passionate about helping women create the right space and environment for birthing and facilitating babies to participate in their own birth experience.”

By learning how to tune into our deeper needs during pregnancy, and intuiting the needs of our babies, we can birth in the best way for ourselves and our babies, whether that be a homebirth, a medical-led birth or a Caesarian. Every type of birth can be healing and empowering if the mother is given the opportunity to stick to at least some of what she really needs  – even in births where circumstances seem to carry women beyond their expectations (i.e. a homebirth ending up as a Caesar) – if a mother is listened to and given the opportunity to communicate throughout, then she can still come out of any birth feeling a wonderful sense of achievement. A doula helps a woman communicate her needs during the intensity of labour and birth.

Brought up by missionary parents in a very isolated environment in Central Africa, I was attended my first brith when I was eight years old. Birth is in my blood. The “barefoot midwife”, the name given to village midwives in rural areas around the globe. Villagers would fetch me to sit in on the village births. I also worked in mission hospitals during school holidays. And so I watched how women birthed in their homes, and I watched how women birthed in the hospitals. I saw that when a woman breathes deeply, she births easily. When a woman squats or is on her hands and knees, moves freely, she is open to birth successfully. I observed that mothers who were in a sacred birthing space with mostly women companions, who moved and made deep sounds without inhibitions and were given all the time they needed, birthed differently from women who were on their backs on hospital beds in the presence of machines and strangers.
I was drawn to teaching pregnancy yoga, as it is a wonderful tool to learn birthing breath and movements, and to settle into that knowing when to be still and relax within intensity. It has been the perfect compliment to my work as a doula.I have had four unmedicated home births.


  • Doula
  • Couple’s birthing workshops for labour preparation
  • Diastasis Recti rehabilitation (healing abdominal separation)
  • Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy (wonderful for resolving birth trauma and also relieving tensions associated with tongue tie and so much more)


 Shasta 073 364 5036