Tertia Alkema vd Merwe

“It’s time to put women’s needs, feelings, and intuition back in the center of the birth process. Women are the rock-stars of birth; professionals are the backup singers.” 

Pregnancy, birth, babies and breastfeeding are my passions in life. 
The way I perceived birth was revealed to me when I sat in on a talk and video about water birth and cried as a “reborn” throughout! I knew then from that moment on, without any doubt, that birth can be a life changing experience and something a couple can activity participate in, rather than just something that you have to suffer through and get done.
I did my doula training in with Village Doulas in 2008 and Mama Bamba in 2013.  I keep current by attending births at various hospitals, birth clinics and homes, attending workshops and courses and interacting with care providers and researching every moment I get, as well as listening to my most willing teachers – my clients and their babies. 


  • Doula services
  • Antenatal classes
  • TENS rental
  • Belly binding


Tertia 061 778 1327