Laurette Brand

“There is a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.” 

I am  Laurette C Brand. I have two children. They were natural births in hospital. I have been a Birth Doula for ten years and have worked with different midwives and gynaecologists and have done community work done at the Johannesburg general hospital


  • I am a DOSA  Doula and did my training with Village Doulas.
  • I am a  therapeutic pregnancy massage therapist.
  • I have done breast feeding training with Marie- Louis Steyn.
  • Advanced techniques training  with Midwife/Doula Jacky- Bloomraad de Boer, which included Moxa, cupping, Reboza , pressure points and homeopathic remedies in labour) .
  • Training with Midwife  Ruth Ehrhardt = Listening skills , sexual abuse triggers,  triggers points and helping baby’s breath.
  • Belly binding.
  • Bereavement training done with Mama Nurture.


My  purpose is to help others in such a way it makes a difference to them and their family .My aim is to help you get what you want. A birth that is well planned and with a team that will assist you at all times. I do not get involved in any medical situations instead my role is to give you emotional/physical  or any other support you will need. I assist with laboring positions/massage/ breathing and relaxing techniques to help you achieve a positive birth experience.


Laurette 082 946 8803