Claurette Marescia

“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.” 

I have been helping family and friends labour and birth for about 17 years and never had a title.  The third birth I had with a family member with the same midwife eventually pulled me aside after the birth and wanted me to look into been a Doula, a very new word many years ago but I did and completely fell in Love with the Concept.  Helping more women and families labour and birth, and every single one is different and unique.  I did my course with Sacred Heart and started working part-time at Genesis Clinic and fell even more in love with this idea of Empowering Expectant families and Birthing their way.  I myself have had a Natural Water Birth with Sue King many years ago and then had 2 Caesars 10 years later.  I have been blessed to have experience both having my family around while I laboured and birth and then been in a room and feeling overwhelmed which ended in a Caesar.  I am extremely passionate about Breastfeeding as well and believe that the support needed is very necessary and limited in many Health Institutions


  • Birthing doula – pre-birth visit, labour and post-birth story visit.
  • Postpartum care
  • Breastfeeding support


Claurette: 071 582 2626