Pre-Conceptual Reflexology

If you are planning on or even thinking of having a baby it is never too soon to start getting your body ready for pregnancy.

Here are a few “Did you know’s?” that will hopefully give you a good idea as to why it is so important to ensure that your body is clean (internally) and healthy prior to conception:

  • Did you know that women have more toxins in their bodies than men because we expose ourselves to so many more toxins than what men do e.g. make-up, body lotions, hair dyes, nail polish, etc.? (Dr Soram Khalsa, MD)
  • Did you know that out of all our population groups i.e. infants, children, adults and the elderly, infants have the highest toxic load? (Aristo Vojdani, PhD)
  • Did you know that studies show that infants are born with an average of 278 toxins in their bodies? Only 5% of these toxins are recognized and have been studies. The remaining toxins have not even been identified as yet! (Aristo Vojdani, PhD)
  • Did you know that toxins are more readily pass through the placenta than breast milk so by the time the mother begins breastfeeding at birth the damage is already done? (Dr Kelly Brogan, MD)
  • Did you know that most toxins are able to pass through the blood / brain barrier and this is associated with seizures and autism? (Dr Martha Herbert, MD, PhD)
  • Did you know that toxins are effecting the neurological development of children in utero? This has been termed the Chemical Brain Drain. (Dr Soram Khalsa, MD)
  • Did you know that the trans-generational effects of toxins are becoming more and more noticeable as we see an increase in chronic childhood diseases? (Dr Kelly Brogan, MD)

All of the above points highlight the effects of toxins on our bodies, and these are just a few observations. The toxins that are being referred to above are the toxins that we are exposed to everyday in our food, water (or whatever else we drink i.e. tea, coffee and sodas), air we breathe and items that we touch. I have not even begun to mention what effects daily toxic thoughts, stress and anxiety have on our bodies.

The power of the mind is enormous and has a direct effect on gene expression – which genes in the cells get turned on and how efficiently they do their job. This obviously effects the functioning of all cells and therefore our organs and hormones. Our emotional and mental state of mind has a direct impact on us physically, what is happening in our relationships, job, society, what the government is doing, are we depressed or are we happy, will have a profound effect on the state of our bodies before conception. To simplify this, high levels of stress and anxiety have a negative effect on our body’s’ state of health which may, in turn, have an effect on our pregnancy because of the enormous effect that stress and anxiety has on our body systems, especially our hormonal system.

The first major benefit of reflexology is that it rids the body of toxic build up. As I perform a reflexology treatment and pressure is exerted on a reflexology point an electrical impulse, sent via the nervous system or hormonal system, causes a shift and triggers a chemical reaction which assists in breaking down the toxins in the body and opens up the free flow of chi energy and allows the toxins to be excreted. One can equate it to a car accident on the highway… the traffic will not move until the accident up ahead has been cleared away allowing the free flow of traffic once again. Messages are received in the brain which wakes up the organs, creates an awareness in the body which then stimulates the organs to function better. The lymph and circulatory systems are also stimulated during a treatment encouraging drainage and elimination.

The second major benefit of reflexology is stress management. Stress and anxiety causes a flood of hormones to be secreted into our circulatory system. Years ago we would react to these hormones but today we do not. Many physiological changes take place at times of stress which are not counter balanced by a reaction, and so our body remains in that state of stress for far too long which has detrimental effects on our health, organ function and hormone levels. If we are not able to remove the cause of the stress we need to practice various techniques which can assist us with coping with stress, reflexology is one of the most effective ways of managing stress and ridding our bodies of the toxic build up caused by stress. (Dougans, I, 2005, Reflexology, the 5 Elements and their 12 Meridians, a unique approach, pg 50 – 54).

Leading up to conception, reflexology assists in cleansing your body and reducing your toxic load by stimulating a detox and heightening the functioning of your lymphatic system to ensure that you are on the correct road to enjoying a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful start to your baby’s life journey.
“How we are conceived, carried, birthed and greeted matters greatly.” – The Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health.

Article written by Michelle Walton who is our resident Reflexologist who specialises in Maternity Reflexology.

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