I delivered a 4,5kg baby naturally

My birth story; How I delivered a 4,5kg baby naturally, with no pain medication, and no tearing, at almost 42 weeks pregnant (29 October 2018 / 3.35am / Genesis Maternity Clinic)

I gave birth last week Monday 29 October to my son Grayson, at Genesis. I had a dream team that consisted of Obgyn Dr Mia (the best in Jhb), midwife Gail de Vos from Genesis (her knowledge is simply amazing) and my amazing Doula, Katrina Meek from Cuddles and Co. Doula Services (She gave me power, strength and confidence and believed in me from Day1)

I am 32y old and have waited a very long time to fall pregnant – finding out in February we were pregnant was a massive shock and huge surprise. Immediately I was concerned about baby’s health and birthing options as I am a large, curvy girl  All the gynaes in my area told me from the start that giving birth naturally would be impossible due to my BMI. I did alot of research, spoke to a few friends, and went on a tour at Genesis. I immediately fell in love with the facilities and the relaxed/calm atmosphere (I HATE hospitals after a bad experience with Pneumonia last year!).

My Team:

Dr Mia – the sweetest Obgyn you’ll ever meet. (Based at Garden City Hospital Jhb) Waiting 3 months for an appointment was worth it. Ladies, try to get an appointment with him as soon as you find out you’re pregnant. He really took the time to know me and answer all my questions. He never rushed our appointments and took time to explain everything we needed to know. I was over the moon when he gave me the go ahead to birth naturally at the 36week check up. Baby had a big head but there was space around the head for manuvering and my pelvis would allow it.  A baby’s size does not matter – the size of the head and your bone structure does

I met Gail de Vos, a powerhouse midwife at Genesis, whom was very honest and open from our first meeting. She was a bit sceptical (also due to my BMI being high) and said that Genesis can only be a back up option. But IF I remain healthy, don’t pick up excessive weight, attend all my check ups, get the go ahead from Dr Mia, we could perhaps make it work. Well…. I only picked up a total of 6kg through out my whole pregnancy. I ate healthy and remained active (walking alot) up until the last day . Gail is simply amazing and I’ll actually miss not seeing her on a weekly basis anymore (and her lovely PA Jenny) She is one hard working lady and I take my hat off to her.

Katrina Meek – Cuddles and Co- the most amazing Doula EVER. Kat and I hit it off immediately after meeting for the first time over a cup of tea. I told her about my fears, what I wanted from my birthing experience etc. She made me feel like a BIRTHING BOSS. Providing me with info, vids, hypno birthing tools, late night WhatsApp convos.. you name it. Kat was there for me with emotional support, pep talks, massages ( it pulled me through as I had back labor – the most painful thing I experienced in birth but she massaged it away!) Not only is Kat a supermodel, a mom to 3 beautiful daughters and a wife – She became a friend whom I would not have been able to to birth without as she pulled me through the last hour of serious contractions. She is everything!

Gail and my Doula Kat, arrived at midnight on Sunday eve at Genesis. I had pre labor the Saturday (contractions of 5 min apart which only lasted Saturday morning). Sunday I had contractions for a full 24h. Starting off at 6/7min apart. Eventually Sunday evening it was 4min apart and more intense and my 6th sense told me to go to Genesis asap (btw, I found it best to walk contractions off). Walking through the pain was much better then sitting, lying down, being on a birthing ball etc. After intense contractions, I was 7cm dialated when I arrived at Genesis. Please note I was almost 42 weeks. (12 days overdue). After 3h – at 3am- I was 10cm with the help of my doula – I got into the bath and after 20min, 6 pushes I had my boy in my arms. The birth itself was painless! (Don’t believe what you see in movies) My son was born at 3.35am. After the birth I got up, climbed out the birthing bath, had a shower, washed my hair, breastfed my son and fell asleep with him between myself and my husband. BLISS

I had a beautiful, empowering birth – we are stronger then we believe. Do not doubt that we were BORN to do this! Believe in yourself and your body. I had friends, family, strangers telling me that I was CRAZY to give birth naturally. Really? I think it’s CRAZY that women do not know their options! I think it’s CRAZY that society has brain washed women into thinking that major abdominal surgery (cesearean) is the only way to give birth. I think it’s CRAZY that obgyns will bully someone into a cesearean as it’s quicker, milking medical aids and gives them a comfy 9 -5 day job. Did you know that most babies are born between 1 – 7am?

Ladies: I was told I could not do it. I did it. And right now I am staring at my beautiful son as he sleeps peacefully next to me .

THIS is my birthing story. And I am Proud to share it!

Tips: Evening Primrose Oil does work (vaginally) – I had no tearing which I think played a roll. I also did Kegals daily. A homeopath assisted me with colostrum powder / Probotics/oxytocin drops when I reached my due date. This helped me to go into labour I believe.

Thankyou for sharing Genesis mommy, regards, Monique Gerber!