Sharon Marsay

focusing on changes that are affecting both parents, because every child deserves two parents whether they live together or apart. Looking at the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental preparation to be the family of the future.
With thirty years of experience as a midwife specialising in the power of nature. It is my privilege to escort women and their partners on their journey through pregnancy and into their new role as parents. For the majority of women in the world today, pregnancy is still a natural event which will result in her giving birth to an infant , through the power of her body. Pregnancy is a changing process that will turn both partners into parents. It is a time that will enable a woman to discover things for herself that nothing on earth can. That is why it is totally worthwhile for those women who want to, to be guided on this path and to be fulfilled as conscious mothers and parents.

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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 8:30 to 16:00.


Consulting rooms in Randburg.

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