Services, Classes and Events at Genesis Maternity Clinic

Genesis Maternity Clinic is a hub of activity with services, classes, workshops and events that provide you with the education and skills to enrich your pregnancy and birth experience. The services, classes and workshops are facilitated by birth professionals, who offer education and support for antenatal, labour and birth preparation as part of our holistic, client-centered approach to care. The antenatal classes are small, intimate, and highly interactive, allowing you to get to know the other new and expectant parents.

The goal is create a supportive community for mothers and fathers-to-be, so they can have an enjoyable pregnancy and memorable birthing experience to equip you with the skills and confidence to step  into your role as parents.

Genesis Maternity Clinic hosts professionals that we know and trust, and who work alongside our midwives and staff, and whom you will no doubt benefit from during this miraculous journey of pregnancy and birth.