The natural birth story of my beautiful twins!

I wish that more and more women could equip themselves with information on midwife led care and birth. This was the best thing I could’ve done for myself and my twins.

Naledi Bamuza Genesis mom of twins, Akani, 2.1kg and Tiyani Bamuza, 2.3kg, born on the 18th of October 2019

Twin brothers
Akani, 2.1kg and Tiyani Bamuza, 2.3kg.
Independent Midwife, Ayanda Ngidi
Tandem Breastfeeding

I could never describe the feeling that I got that day when the gynae calmy uttered “oh it looks like we have 2 babies here”. My poor husband looked like he had just seen a ghost while I felt my mouth go dry out of pure disbelief.
That ride home was full of big smile exchanges and lots of “I cannot believe it” between my husband and I.

At this point I was happy with my gynae seeing me through this entire pregnancy…until the 16 weeks appointment when he casually said to me “alright, so everything looks great. You will have a c-section and it will be done earlier than 40 weeks, about 34/35 weeks”. I felt my heart sink…at that moment I knew the gynae would never see me again.

The next couple of weeks were clouded with fear and doubt. I mean, there was absolutely no red flags about my pregnancy and I had a previous NVD. However, I couldnt help but wonder if I was gambling with the twins’ lives or if I really should trust myself.

Now everyone that knows me , knows that I am a naturalist. My previous birth was with a government employed midwife and it was completely unmedicated. I was 21, in 2013 but I had no doubt that I was made for this. I had my precious son in a long but successful NVD. Fast forward to 6 years later in 2019 and here I was with the exact same feelings and convictions.

I saw myself walk into the infamous Genesis Maternity Clinic. I knew a couple of people that had birthed there and a good close friend had just recently had her beautiful girl at the facility too.
I had done lots of research and knew the channels to potentially birth there but I found myself breaking some protocol.

At 24 weeks, with me being without any antenatal care since 16 weeks,I got into my car and drove to Genesis. All I can recall is feeling like on that day I would finally know how I was going to deliver my twins.

There comes Ms Ayanda Ngidi greeting me as I enter, unbeknownst to me, she was both an in house and private midwife.
All I said to her is, I am just looking for someone to give my body a fair chance at doing this naturally. She smiled and got up to hug me. I knew. I just knew.

The next weeks were bliss. I spent all my time obsessing over YouTube videos of water births. I was preparing myself for what I had termed ” The closest I will ever be to God- birth!”.

My backup gynae was excited about our case, I know for sure that she had had many twin pregnancies under her care but she made me feel like I was her very first.
She, Ayanda and I were all in heaven over these twins but we remained level headed and took each day as it came.

Boom, we made it to 38 weeks. I decided to have a stretch and sweep to try yo get things going as we all know it isn’t ideal that a twin pregnancy gets to 40 weeks. We found that I was about 2-3cm dilated but my cervix had still not joined the party.

I had started losing my plug little by little but zero signs of labour. Finally, at 38+3 we decided to induce labour and meet the pair.

My husband and I woke up on Friday 18 October 2019 to the excited voice of our 6 year old boy who couldn’t wait to meet his baby brothers.

At 10:45, my husband and I checked into our beautiful and homely private luxury family room and before we knew it, it was go time.

At 13:00 sharp I started feel my first contractions, there was no doubt, you will just know that it really is them. I woke up my husband, who at this point was spread across the king sized bed taking a nap. He looked at me, smiled at the update I gave him and when right back to sleep.

At 15:00 shit started to get real. Wow. I was on the ball and trying to bounce and swing slowly at every waving contraction. Ayanda was amazing at reminding me to breathe in and out- at this point you seem to forget every single thing you’ve ever learned.

Soon thereafter Ayanda broke my first bag of waters, which were green-this meant I could not give birth in water. For a short time I was disheartening but I quickly remembered that I had a greater job at hand.

Between 16:00 and 17:30 I remember not wanting to leave the shower in which I was labouring. The warm water felt so good against my lower back. Meanwhile supper had been served and not even labour was going to get between me and Genesis’ roast chicken- Yes, I cleanes out my plate at 7-8cm dilated.

At about 18:00 I told Ayanda that I felt like there was pressure, at this point my husband’s hand was taking all the pressure. I grabbed his had so tight with every contraction thinking if I squeezed and dug my nails hard enough I would get some relief.

At 18:11 Ayanda exclaimed “Here he is Naledi, you did it! Here is Akani!”
Oh God, my first twin was laid on my chest, I couldn’t believe it. My husband was overjoyed. He was so tiny. His eyes were open. He was so slippery.

I blinked and it was 18:23, Ayanda had that face again, this time with a giggle in her voice “Oh boy Tiyani is coming feet first!” What? Wow. What a surprise. These boys were both head down but hey! My second twin was laid on my chest. I didn’t know how big my heart was until I felt like it had literally just expanded for my 2 new babies.

I felt strong and accomplished. I was so proud of the girl that turned her back on the gynae at 16 weeks of pregnancy.
I thought to myself “Naledi, you are amazing”!
I had done it. I did it.
In a place that normalised this feeling. In a place that encourages every woman to feel and think this was about themselves. I did it.

I am so grateful for a facility that encourages what I believe I was made for. I am grateful for my midwife, Ayanda, who believed in me from day 1. We aren’t going to argue about this: I couldn’t have done it without your support!

I wish that more and more women could equip themselves with information on midwife led care and birth. This was the best thing I could’ve done for myself and my twins.

I do know and acknowledge that there are instances that require more gynae intervention and possibly lifesaving caesarean births-and even that doesn’t take away from the miracle of birth. Woman you are amazing!

Akani Bamuza, 18:11, 2.1kg
Tiyani Bamuza, 18:23, 2.3kg

My Precious Genesis Babies!