Start Your Care

Bringing a child into the world is one of life’s most incredible and empowering events and at Genesis Maternity Clinic we enrich this experience by offering you well-researched, informed choices.

Whether you are in your first, second or third trimester of your pregnancy, it is simple to start your maternity care with us. Our goal is to offer you high-quality, client and family-centered care for your pregnancy and birth. To ensure an effortless entry into starting antenatal care with us, continue with the important information as to how to go about booking your birth at Genesis Maternity Clinic.

If you are currently with another care provider, and would like to transfer to Genesis Maternity Clinic, please provide your medical records for the midwife to review. This is a simple request for a transfer of medical records via email or hard copy from the other practice. You may not continue your back-up care with your current Gynaecologist/Obstetrician unless they are affiliated with Genesis Maternity Clinic as per our list of Ob/Gyn’s.

Genesis is a low-risk facility, midwife-led clinic, which means that you can birth at Genesis Maternity Clinic if you are having a normal, healthy pregnancy, most women, (95%) have low risk pregnancies. Most pregnant women are low-risk for complications for pregnancy and birth. This means you are a good candidate to birth at Genesis Maternity Clinic.


At Genesis Maternity Clinic, we believe that every mother-to-be has the right to choose. The right to feel safe and supported. To have her physical and emotional needs met. You have the power to control the process ~ after all, it’s about your body, your baby, and your birth.

Midwife-led Care

A midwife-led model of care means that the midwife is the lead healthcare professional, responsible for the care given to a woman from the initial booking of antenatal visits through to care during the postnatal period. The midwife-led model of care is woman-centred. 

OB/GYN support

At our midwife-led, active birthing facility, the focus is on a holistic approach to childbirth. While we offer relaxing facilities in a natural setting, the perfect balance is achieved with our team of medical professionals, who are on standby, ready to intervene, should the need arise.

How to Start Your Care

Your first step to starting your antenatal care starts here! Each mom who births at Genesis Maternity Clinic, must choose a midwife as their main caregiver and will be required to attend their antenatal consultations as per their schedule. This is to ensure you and your baby stay healthy. You will also be required to see a Genesis affiliated Ob/Gyn approximately two to three times in your pregnancy. The antenatal schedule is a guide and it may differ as per each expectant mother’s individual needs. This section will explain how to choose your midwife, the Ob/Gyn and the schedule for your antenatal consultations. 

The Midwifery-led Model of Care at Genesis Maternity Clinic

Genesis Facilities

Genesis Clinic is a 14 bed active birthing facility, with private family rooms or semi-private rooms with the option of a waterbirth. We have a theatre on site and our team of medical professionals are on standby, ready to intervene, should the need arise.


Genesis Maternity Clinic boasts some of the most accomplished medical professionals. Our dedicated team work closely together, with each highly trained member, each has recognised credentials and proven experience in their field. 

recommended reading

Choosing the right childbirth books to read is so very important. Not only can the books you choose provide you with factual information, but they can influence crucial decisions you make about birth. 

What is a Midwife?

The modern midwife is a healthcare professional  who undergoes extensive training and specialises in natural normal birth. They work with women and their families throughout pregnancy, childbirth and in the weeks following birth.

What is an Active Birth?

During an active birth, women are encouraged to move around freely and choose positions that feel comfortable to them. Mothers who choose an active birth are unlikely to lie on their backs to birth their babies which are the standard approach in traditional hospital birth wards. 

What is a Water Birth?

Water birth is increasingly popular as a method of pain relief and relaxation during labour. Many mothers choose to labour in water because they find it soothing and are able to relax more and so experience their contractions as less intense.

What is skin-to-skin?

Skin-to-skin contact is when a naked baby is placed tummy-down on the mother’s (or father’s) bare chest. When this is done immediately after the baby is born, there are many benefits for both mother/father and baby.

Benefits of Breastfeeding

Every woman’s journey to motherhood is different, but one of the first decisions a new mother makes is how to feed her child. The evidence is well-established, for both the benefits to mother and baby of breastfeeding. 

Birth Stories

Women can improve birth by passing down their knowledge. The handing down of birth stories helps women prepare for birth, reflect, and learn from one another. This is what improving birth is all about, women connecting in order to empower one another.