Start Your Care

Birthing at Genesis Maternity Clinic

Whether you are in your first, second or third trimester of your pregnancy, it is simple to start your maternity care with us. Our goal is to offer you high-quality, client and family-centered care for your pregnancy and birth. To ensure an effortless entry into starting antenatal care with us, continue with the important information as to how to go about booking your birth at Genesis Maternity Clinic.

If you are currently with another care provider, and would like to transfer to Genesis Maternity Clinic, please provide your medical records for the midwife to review. This is a simple request for a transfer of medical records via email or hard copy from the other practice. You may not continue your back-up care with your current Gynaecologist/Obstetrician unless they are affiliated with Genesis Maternity Clinic as per our list of Ob/Gyn’s.

Genesis is a low-risk facility, midwife-led clinic, which means that you can birth at Genesis Maternity Clinic if you are having a normal, healthy pregnancy, most women, (95%) have low risk pregnancies. Most pregnant women are low-risk for complications for pregnancy and birth. This means you are a good candidate to birth at Genesis Maternity Clinic.


At Genesis Maternity Clinic, we believe that every mother-to-be has the right to choose. The right to feel safe and supported. To have her physical and emotional needs met. You have the power to control the process ~ after all, it’s about your body, your baby, and your birth.

Midwife-led Care

A midwife-led model of care means that the midwife is the lead healthcare professional, responsible for the care given to a woman from the initial booking of antenatal visits through to care during the postnatal period. The midwife-led model of care is woman-centred. 

OB/GYN support

At our midwife-led, active birthing facility, the focus is on a holistic approach to childbirth. While we offer relaxing facilities in a natural setting, the perfect balance is achieved with our team of medical professionals, who are on standby, ready to intervene, should the need arise.

Starting your Antenatal Care

Your first step to starting your antenatal care starts here! Each mom who births at Genesis Maternity Clinic, must choose a midwife as their main caregiver and will be required to attend their antenatal consultations as per their schedule. This is to ensure you and your baby stay healthy. You will also be required to see a Genesis affiliated Ob/Gyn approximately two to three times in your pregnancy. The antenatal schedule is a guide and it may differ as per each expectant mother’s individual needs. This section will explain how to choose your midwife, the Ob/Gyn and the schedule for your antenatal consultations.

Natural Birth and Midwife-led Care

Genesis’ approach to labour and birth is based on centuries of wisdom: when women are allowed to labour and birth instinctively, the result is empowering and transforming for the mother and partner and whole family. Women choose the positions in labour that feel best to them, they choose their support team for the birth and what procedures are performed on the baby after delivery.  Learn about the evidence-based research for midwife-led care, waterbirths, active birthing, skin-to-skin, delayed cord clamping and the benefits of breastfeeding.

Services, Courses and Events

We offer a range of Courses, Services and Workshops to support you throughout your pregnancy and birth journey. Genesis Maternity Clinic considers education and knowledge a vital component to prepare you and your partner for pregnancy and birth.  Your wellness, both physically and mentally is paramount. The Courses, Services and Workshops are facilitated by professionals, who are experts In their field and endorsed by Genesis Maternity Clinic.