Tours of the Clinic

We would be honoured to share more information about starting your care at Genesis Maternity Clinic with us.

Enquiring about our services

Our priority is the safety of our clients as well as minimising any noise in the clinic, so that mothers and babies can recuperate in peace and quiet. Please note that you must report to reception where you may request an Information Pack.  We also have all information the Independent Midwives and for supportive services which are provided in the pamphlet holders.  Often your midwife can offer a short tour of our facilities at your appointment, but this is dependent on your midwife’s schedule, please enquire directly with her.

Just like any other medical caregiver in private practice, you would need to choose your midwife by choosing from the list provided hereWe suggest you do not only wait for an Open Day to choose an Independent Midwife, as most of our midwives cannot predict if they can attend, as their priority is to be with their clients first and foremost. It is important you start your care as soon as possible.

If you would like to enquire more about the Genesis Facility Fees, please view here. or email us at

Open Days/ Events for 2020

We have Open Days for expectant parents which are held at specific time slots.  Booking is essential, as space is limited. Please email us the information required as outlined below, along with the date and time-slot you have chosen.

What you can expect at the Open days:

You will be able to view the facilities as well as gain information about birthing at Genesis Clinic. You will have the opportunity to meet several Independent Midwives, at their respective tables and enquire directly about their services, (not all midwives can attend as it depends on their schedule and she may be attending to a mom in labour). There will also be an opportunity to meet the professionals who offer supportive services at Genesis Maternity Clinic, such as the Private Doulas, Homeopath, Antenatal Classes, First Aid Courses, etc.

when booking please email the date of the open day as well as the time for the tour along with the following details:

  1. The Date and Time of Tour
  2. Name and Surname
  3. Due date

Celebrating Pregnancy Education Week

February is approaching fast and that means Pregnancy Education Week! The theme for 2020 is “Becoming the Ultimate Dad”.

pregnancy education event with Guest speakers

Genesis Maternity Clinic would like to invite expectant parents, (or those planning a family), to join us for a FREE event. We will be hosting our Guest Speakers and you will also have a chance to tour our facilities.

Do you want to know what a Doula does? Ask all your questions at our Q & A Session with the Private Doulas!

Booking is essential via email only.
Space is limited!

15 February
10:00 to 12:30

Open Days for 2020

Saturday, 16 May

10:30 or 12:30

Saturday, 8 August

10:30 or 12:30

15 February from 10:00 to 12:30

10:30 or 12:30

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