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Enjoy full body, back, neck and shoulder massages to relieve stress, reduce tension leaving you relaxed, thereby realigning your mind, body, heart, spirit and soul!

The Spa at Genesis

Massages help balance the hormones  and are a vital stress relief and work to prepare you emotionally for the birth. Tsholo says, “It has always been a dream of mine to be in a space where I can combine my knowledge from all the courses I have done. I believe that The Spa will provide the space to help pregnant women by doing Prenatal and Postnatal Massages which assists in alleviating all kinds of aches and pains. A massage will help you to feel relaxed, pain-free, lighter, rejuvenated and more grounded than before into the “parasympathetic” mode where your body can recover and you can get a better nights sleep.

Massage treatments for pregnancy

Women can begin massage therapy at any point in their pregnancy, during the first, second, or third trimester.
The best position for a pregnant woman during massage is side-lying.  Tables that provide a hole in which the uterus can fit may not be reliable and can still apply pressure to the abdomen, or allow the abdomen to dangle, causing uncomfortable stretching of the uterine ligaments.

Massage treatments for non-pregnant and postnatal women

Tsholo is available for treatments for non-pregnant women too! it is especially important for postnatal moms to also be massaged to allow mom to relax completely. Enjoy a Foot exfoliation followed by a cooling massage and get ready to have your face pampered and leaving you feeling clean and fresh! 

Spa hours

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 09.00 to 18.00.
  • Tuesday & Thursday: 14:00 to 21:00.
  • Saturdays: 08.30 to 14:00.

Tsholo Bless, The Spa owner

Tsholo Bless is passionate about pregnancy and empowering parents-to-be.

  • Maternity Wellness Coach, (BSc.BioMedicine degree)
  • (WOMBS certified Doula)
  • CIMI Baby Massage Instructor (IAIM-U.K.)
  • CIDESCO Health & Skincare Therapist
  • Holistic Maternity Massage Therapist & Reflexologist (Camelot International)

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  • Cell: 083 712 7378



Full Body Pregnancy Massage (75 min)

A completely relaxing full body massage using our safe but effective pre-natal techniques and our award-winning Omega-rich oils to relax those specific lower back muscles that are carrying that beautiful bump.

Book now: 083 712 7378



Tummy and shoulders (60 min)

This is an Omega-rich facial for your tummy, because it’s your tummy that needs the attention to maximise skin strength, health and elasticity. This treat is combined with the luxury of an upper back, neck and head massage.

Book now: 083 712 7378



(Full Body Pregnancy Exfoliation (60 min)

Rejuvenate your skin and clear your mind in preparation for your pending arrival. Mama Mio Smooth will exfoliate your skin oh-so gently (but effectively) followed by the most moisturising massage to hydrate and elasticise your skin. 

Book now: 083 712 7378



Foot massage (35 min)

A mineral-rich foot soak exfoliation and massage for lower legs and feet to help with poor circulation, water retention and the tiring affects of carrying an extra load. They don’t call it a maternity marathon for nothing.

Book now: 083 712 7378

Glow Facial


Specialised Mamamio Gorgeous Glow Facial (60 min)

This is a specialised Omega-Rich facial for the face.

Book now: 083 712 7378

Pressure point foot


Maternity Pressure point foot massage (90 min)

A mineral-rich foot soak exfoliation and massage for lower legs and feet to help with poor circulation, water retention. Followed by a relaxing foot massage.

Book now: 083 712 7378

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