Therapeutic Reflexologist

Michelle Walton

Remember, that reducing stress and taking time out is the kindest thing you can do for yourself as well as your baby. 

Benefits of Reflexology

Michelle Walton is a registered Therapeutic Reflexologist. she is passionately dedicated to helping women achieve and maintain health and wellness using reflexology, lifestyle and good nutritional advice, which will support them through-out their pregnancy and beyond.

Maintaining optimal health and wellness on both a physical and emotional level, at this beautifully fragile time, is vital to a healthy pregnancy and development of the baby as it grows inside of you.  It has a significant impact on your labour and outcome of your birth.  


  • R500 for 45 min.
  • R590 for 60 min.


  • Wednesdays from 08:00 to 12:30.
  • Genesis upstairs consultation room

How does Maternity Reflexology support you and your baby?

During Pregnancy

Many changes take place in your body during pregnancy, on multiple levels; hormonal, emotional, physiological and metabolic. These changes ensure that you and your unborn baby receive adequate nutrition and oxygen, that the pregnancy is sustained by your body and that toxins are effectively eliminated. 

Inducing Labour

Reflexology is a wonderful, non-chemical therapy that assists in inducing labour and strengthens contractions naturally and gently, if the body is ready. It stimulates your hormone producing glands as well as the reproductive organs, encouraging activity in these areas. 

After Pregnancy

Following the birth of your baby, tremendous changes have taken place, physically and emotionally, over the last 40 weeks and you may well feel overwhelmed and anxious. Together with little or no sleep, the extreme hormonal changes that take place in your body may lead to “baby blues” or even postnatal depression.

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