Pregnancy Yoga

Prenatal Yoga

Recommended by most doctors and midwives, prenatal yoga offers a multitude of benefits to both mother and baby throughout pregnancy, during birth and beyond.

Prenatal Yoga Classes are facilitated by J’anaki Ra, founder and owner of Yoga Mama. J’anaki began her personal yoga practice in 2004 at the Sivananda Yoga Centre in London. After many years of enduring the corporate world she decided to embark upon a journey of the Soul, completing travels throughout Asia, and most notably the birth-place of Yoga: India.

Whilst in India J’anaki had the good fortune to study with many influential Yogis and then immediately went on to complete a rigorous Yoga Teacher Training at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in New York in 2008. In mid-2009 J’anaki returned to South Africa and continues to further her training under an esteemed Master of the Satyananda Yoga tradition.

Although still teaching classical Hatha Yoga, J’anaki was inspired by her own Pregnancy Yoga classes undertaken in Ireland  (through  to begin teaching prenatal yoga in South Africa in 2010.  Yoga Mama’s approach to pregnancy yoga emphasises physical and mental well-being, as well as complete confidence in Oneself throughout pregnancy by utilising specific yogic techniques. These techniques have been proven by thousands of  pregnant mothers since Yoga Mama’s inception to be extremely beneficial during pregnancy and birth.

 Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga:

  • Joint exercises – perfect for poor circulation, swelling/water retention and excellent to improve mobility. Also prepares the body for squatting and other birthing positions.
  • Gentle Stretches and strong postures – maintains supple and toned muscles. Builds strength.
  • Breathing – balances the autonomic nervous system which regulates the major systems of the body and controls hormonal secretions. Deep breathing increases the intake of oxygen to both mother and baby. ‘Birthing breaths’ aid in the preparation for a calm birthing.
  • Yoga Nidra – During this relaxation technique one gains an abundance of energy from gaining the equivalent of 2 hours deep sleep in just 20 minutes! Yoga Nidra  also regulates fluctuating blood pressure and  promotes inner communication between you and your child, as well as assisting in the release of any impressions associated with the fear of birthing.
  • In addition, by developing a deeper awareness of your body, a powerful connection between a mother and her child is established.
  • By developing a deeper awareness of your body, a powerful connection between a mother and her child is established

Class Schedule:

  • Tuesdays: 18:00 t0 19:15

Course Details:

Cost: Various options available, please enquire: Booking is essential.
Venue: Genesis Maternity Clinic, 5 Northwold Dr, Cnr Jan Smuts Avenue Saxonwold, Johannesburg.

Contact Details:

J’anaki on 076 081 7615