Genesis Staff/ In-House Midwives

When you choose your Antenatal Care at Genesis Maternity Clinic, you can choose to have your consultations with our In-House/Staff Midwives or, you may choose an Independent Midwife that practices at Genesis Clinic. 

Choosing you care with the In-House/Staff Midwives, entails that you will not have a one-on-one personal relationship like you would with an Independent Midwife and instead the In-House/Staff Midwife on duty will assess you at your antenatal consultations and on the day of your birth, you will also be under the care of the House/Staff Midwife on duty on that day.

Our In-House/Staff Midwives are qualified medical professionals who provide supportive and comprehensive antenatal care to low risk women.  It is our pleasure to care for expectant women of all ages, cultures, religions and family structures. 

What you can expect at each antenatal consultation with the In-House/Staff Midwives

The Genesis In-House/Staff Midwives will ensure that you are well prepared, both physically and emotionally during your pregnancy and for the birth of your baby. You will receive all the necessary check-ups and education at your antenatal consultations, including a referral for your appointment(s) with a Genesis Clinic affiliated Obstetrician.

  • Plenty of time to ask questions, discuss desires and expectations, and get to know your midwife.
  • Individualized, culturally sensitive care.
  • An assumption that pregnancy is a normal, healthy state.
  • Generous information and support.
  • An expectation that you will participate in all decisions regarding your care.
  • Regular risk assessment, including monitoring blood pressure, hands-on belly checks and baby’s heartbeat checks at every visit.
  • Routine blood tests done during antenatal visits
  • Referrals for ultrasound scans and consultations to Genesis affiliated Obstetrician.

Antenatal visits

    • You will start your antenatal care at 16 weeks (and no later than 35 weeks).
    • Monthly consultations until approximately 28 weeks.
    • From 28-36 weeks:every two weeks.
    • 36 to birth:weekly visits.
  • More frequent visits are available at any time for any reason.

When your baby is due

    • Your due date at 40 weeks is really more of a due “zone”
    • You may give birth anytime from 37 weeks up to 42 weeks
  • First time moms often give birth closer to 41 weeks

Costs for the Genesis In-House/Staff Midwives Antenatal Consultations

  • First antenatal consultation: R400
  • Antenatal Check-ups: R300
  • Postnatal Check-up: R400

Cost for the Genesis In-House/Staff Midwives Delivery Fee

The In-House/Staff Midwives delivery fee: R6 500.00

One of the appointed Genesis In-House/Staff Midwives on duty will provide comforting support, grounded reassurance and professional clinical care on the day of the birth of your baby. Necessary medical supplies and equipment are always close at hand.  With our state-of-the-art theatre and our neonatal high care unit, you are reassured that we have all the necessary medical back-up in the event of a caesarean section that may be needed.

*If you would prefer to have an Independent Midwife, you may choose your midwife by viewing their contact details here. Licensed Independent Midwife are independent healthcare providers and have birthing rights at Genesis Maternity Clinic.

How to book your appointment with the Genesis In-House/Staff Midwives

Please email us at with the following details if you are enquiring about making a booking with the Genesis In-House/Staff Midwives:

Important information to include on your email when enquiring:

    1. Your full name and contact details so we can contact you.
    2. How many weeks pregnant you are.
    3. If you on medical aid or non-medical aid (*all babies must be on a medical aid prior to birth for moms to be eligible to birth at Genesis. Dads/partners can enquire with their medical aid about putting their babies on their medical aid if the mother is unable to.)
    4. If you are moving over your care you must bring all your medical records with you from your previous care provider.
  1. Please state the following:
      1. Are you a first time mother.
      1. Are you a second time mom, with previous natural birth(s) 
    1. Are you a second time mom with one previous caesarean section.

Due to the nature of the Genesis In-House/Staff Midwives being on duty in the facility looking after birthing and recuperating mothers, Cebi is our appointed client liaison officer who will contact you on Wednesdays. You may whatsapp or sms her, (no calls please) on 081 462 0817 with the required details above so she can arrange a booking for you. WhatsApps are only to be sent during office hours, from 08:00 to 14:00 Saturdays from 08:00 to 13:00. You may also email us at