Packing your Hospital Bag

Once you have reached your 34th week of pregnancy, you will need to pack your bag so that you are ready for your stay at Genesis Clinic. Packing your birth bag, or labour bag, is a lovely thing to do! Once your bag is packed, you can enjoy the last few weeks of your pregnancy until your baby arrives. Upon arrival at Genesis Clinic for their birth, moms also receive the Life baby bag with the items as listed below.

Mothers receive a baby bag which contains the following items:

  • Maternity pads
  • Baby aqueous cream
  • Breast pads 
  • Baby oil 
  • Nipple cream 
  • Pack of nappies 
  • Teddy bear 
  • Educational booklet 
  • Baby wipes
  • Baby top to toe wash 
  • Baby bum cream
  • Cotton wool

Why sleeping with a baby blanket in late pregnancy has essential benefits for your baby

Pregnant moms should start sleeping with a baby cotton/muslin blanket from week 35 of pregnancy. You are encouraged to then pack this blanket for your birth at Genesis.  After birth, your baby will be covered with this blanket, (as well as skin-to-skin.) The infant microbiome plays an essential role in human health and its assembly is determined by maternal– offspring exchanges of microbiota.

Studies and scientific research have proved that mom’s essential microbes transfer to baby and these microbes are vital in helping shape your baby’s immune system, their digestive system and brain. 

After you arrive home from Genesis Clinic with your baby you can put the blanket in your pets sleep area. In this way your pets will get used to your baby’s smell and the transition for your pets to get used to a new baby in the house is made easier.

bring 4-6 towels

If you are planning to have a waterbirth at Genesis Maternity Clinic, please pack at least four to six towels. These towels can be dark/ worn/older towels and moms who want a waterbirth are required to bring these along with them.


Energy Snacks

The mini fridge in your room will be stocked with an energy drink upon arrival.

We also encourage moms to pack healthy and energy-giving snacks and drinks, this is to keep you well nourished and hydrated during labour and for post-birth.

For labour

Some moms find it helpful to bring a few special objects from home, perhaps a photograph, candles, or inspiring birth affirmations. This can help you to feel comfortable and at home and will give you something to focus on during labour.

We also recommend you pack these items from home

For Mom

For Baby

For Dad