Booking your Birth at Genesis Clinic

We want to ensure starting your maternity care with Genesis Maternity Clinic is as seamless as possible. Whether you are in your first, second or third  trimester of your pregnancy, it is simple to start your maternity care with us. Our goal is to offer you high-quality, client and family-centered care for your pregnancy and birth. To ensure an effortless entry into starting antenatal care with us, we ask that you take follow the guide below for booking your birth at Genesis Maternity Clinic. If you would like to transfer your care from another health care provider, please scroll down for some additional steps below.

Schedule an information session and tour at Genesis Maternity Clinic:

We would love to share more information with you. We have specific dates and times for the public to come and find out more about birthing at Genesis Maternity Clinic. Our priority is the safety of our clients as well as minimising any noise in the clinic, so mothers and babies can recuperate in peace and quiet.  We therefore do not grant any access to the Clinic, unless you have booked for the various sessions offered as per the dates and times. We thank you understanding. 

Please view dates and times here. Booking is essential and can be done via sending us an email at, with the date you would like to attend.

Starting your antenatal care at Genesis Maternity Clinic:

You will need to confirm your pregnancy with an ultrasound scan at approximately week 8 of your pregnancy. Maryke Kilian, the sonographer is in private practice and scans are done at Genesis Maternity Clinic. Bookings are essential: Contact Jenny on 071 154 0223. To view the recommended schedule and information for scans please view here.

Choosing a midwife for your maternity care and birth at Genesis Maternity Clinic:

Once your pregnancy has been assessed as low risk, by the sonographer and/or an obstetrician, you will need to have had your first consultation with a midwife before you can book into Genesis Maternity Clinic.If you are currently with another caregiver, you can change over to midwifery-led care at any stage of your pregnancy, (not later than week 32-36 for the Genesis staff midwives, and depending on availability and requirements for some private midwives.) The obstetrician must be affiliated with Genesis Maternity Clinic to be your back-up in case of an emergency caesarean section. Our unit has a full on-site theatre as well as three neonatal resuscitation units.

Please note if you have had a previous caesarean section, and would like to birth at Genesis Maternity Clinic, we do not offer elective caesareans, but you may make an appointment with one of our affiliated obstetricians to see if you are a suitable candidate for a VBAC birth (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean). You have to have all you antenatal appointments and birth with a private midwife. We do not offer mothers a VBAC if they have had more than one caesarean.  

Choose a private midwife:

Genesis Maternity Clinic is a base for a host of private midwives. A private midwife works in their own private practice, with birthing rights at Genesis Maternity Clinic. She will be your caregiver for your antenatal consultations, birth of your baby as well as providing postnatal care and support. Along with her medical expertise, she shares with you the desire for a healthy and empowering birth experience and uses her knowledge and experience to guide you towards this goal. A private midwife takes the time to listen to expectant parents, offering appropriate information for physical, emotional and clinical support and your options of care. Choosing a private midwife is based on contacting a few midwives, so you can find someone with whom you connect with and can grow a relationship with throughout your maternity care and for the birth of your baby. Private midwives also offer a more personal service and one-on-one care.

You choose which private midwife from the list provided here. Our Wednesday open evenings and our Saturday open days are often an opportunity to meet a few of the private midwives who are able to attend. This gives you the chance to meet and greet and ask them questions about their practice and packages.

Staff midwives:

When you choose to birth in the In-House Birth Unit, one of the appointed Genesis staff midwives on duty will provide antenatal care throughout your pregnancy. A staff midwife on duty will assist you with the birth of your baby in a private birth room. After the birth, you recuperate in one of the semi-private rooms, together with your newborn. Our In-House Birth Unit has been developed to make gentle birth available to private clients, as well as clients on network restricted medical aids. You need to have had your first consultation with the midwife before you can book into Genesis Maternity Clinic. 

To make a booking with a staff midwife for birthing in the In-House Birth Unit, please contact the clinic on 011 544 9800.

Antenatal consultations with a midwife: (private or staff midwife)

  • Monthly consultations until approximately 28 weeks.
  • Bi-weekly from week 28 to week 36.
  • Weekly from week 36 to birth.
  • More frequent visits are available at any time for any reason. Your due date at 40 (+) weeks is really more of a due “zone”You could give birth anytime from 37 weeks up to 42 weeks
  • First time moms often give birth closer to 41 weeks
A few antenatal appointments will also be carried out by a Genesis Maternity Clinic- affiliated private obstetrician. This will ensure that you have no severe medical issues and that your pregnancy is low risk. However, should the need for a Caesarean section arise, our obstetrician and the medical team are on standby at our operating theatre on site at the Genesis Maternity Clinic premises.

To view our list of Genesis affiliated Obstetricians please view here.

Ensure that Genesis Maternity Clinic is right for you.

Most pregnant women are low-risk for complications for pregnancy and birth. This ensures you are a good candidate to birth at Genesis Maternity Clinic. Taking an active role in your antenatal care is important by staying healthy and therefore maintaining a low risk pregnancy and birth for you and your baby by following these steps:

  • Attending all your midwife antenatal appointments
  • Attending all your obstetrician appointments
  • Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet
  • Continuing to exercise in preparation for birth and recovery
  • Attending required classes as necessary
  • Becoming educated by reading from many different resources
  • Asking questions during antenatal visits


If you are transferring from another practice/caregiver:

If you are currently with another care provider, and would like to transfer to Genesis Clinic, please provide your medical records for the midwife to review. This is a simple request for a transfer of medical records via email or hard copy from the other practice. You may not continue your back-up care with the current gynaecologist/obstetrician unless they are affiliated with Genesis Clinic. The obstetrician must have birthing rights at Genesis Clinic.

If you are past 32 weeks pregnant:

The midwives prefer to start your antenatal care from about week 12-16 after you have had your scan and that you have a low-risk pregnancy. However, we have a lot of clients who transfer to Genesis Clinic from as late as week 34-36. You would need to continue your antenatal care with either a private or staff midwife, depending on their availability and requirements.

Genesis Clinic room options:

During your stay with us you will have two room options:


Genesis Clinic facility fees:

Genesis Maternity Clinic accepts both medical aid and non-medical aid/private patients. We do not deal with medical insurance or top up policies. Medical aid patients will be charged according to the Life Healthcare scale of benefits negotiated with your medical aid. Please note that certain foreign medical aids may or may not be covered. Any patient with a foreign medical aid that is not covered will need to put down a deposit as a private patient and claim back from their medical aid after the birth. Patients must contact their medical aid or, in the case of private patients, must obtain the details for billing and fees charged for by gynaecologists, anaesthetists and other external service providers. We do require our private paying patients to have medical aid coverage for your baby in case we need to transfer your baby.

View facility fees here.