Luxury Family Rooms

When you birth in one of our beautiful luxury family rooms, you birth with one of our affiliated private midwives in private practice.

Private midwives will ensure that you are well prepared, both physically and emotionally for the birth of your baby. You will have received all the necessary check-ups and education during your antenatal consultations, including your appointments with our affiliated gynaecologists. Your midwife will provide comforting support, grounded reassurance and professional clinical care when the time for your baby to be born arrives. 

Moms labour, birth and recuperate in our private, luxury family Rooms. Each room has ample space and provides tranquil environment to move about freely while you are in labour.  The birth tub provides women with the choice to have a water birth if preferred. The necessary medical supplies and equipment are always close at hand.  During the birth, a second midwife will attend the birth as well. A once off Family room fee of R1500 are payable upfront for clients on medical aid.

After the birth, you will recover in the same luxury family room with your new born child. The room is equipped with a king-sized bed and partners stay to encourage families to bond with their new baby.

During your stay at Genesis, you can expect one-on-one care from our staff midwives, your choice of labour support experts as well as privacy and respect. During the birth there will be appropriate monitoring and freedom of movement in the birth position. The midwives will care for your baby during immediate postnatal stage and support you through breastfeeding and check-ups. 

You can rest assured that your and your baby’s well-being are our primary concern.


We have eight private Luxury Family Rooms:
Lavender, Rosemary, Calendula, Juniper, Geranium, Sage, Jasmine and Willowleaf


  • Each mom stays in her own, beautifully appointed private room through the entire labour, birth and recuperation period.
  • Dad rooms in for free fro the first night.
  • The rooms are large with king sized beds and cribs to accommodate rooming in, are decorated with a touch of style to create an environment of tranquillity and comfort and open on to their own enclosed, private gardens.
  • Each room has an en suite bathroom with a birthing bath for labour as well as a shower for convenience.
  • Visiting is at the discretion of mothers, with no visiting hours stipulated by the clinic itself.
  • At Genesis Clinic, the environment and service is designed to make you feel comfortable, safe and enveloped in luxury while ensuring optimum care for you and your precious newborn.
  • Please note that Genesis Clinic has eight private rooms with birthing tubs and one shared room without a bath (recovery room). The clinic reserves the right to move a client who has had 24 hours post partum in her private room into the recovery room if the space is required for another birthing client. This is in the interest of all Genesis moms getting the birthing experience they deserve.