In-House Birth Unit

When you choose to have your baby in our beautiful in-house birth unit, you birth with one of our Genesis Staff Midwives. 

Our unit has been developed to make gentle birth available to clients on network-restricted medical aids, and to private clients who have financial constraints. 

Our staff midwives will ensure that you are well prepared, both physically and emotionally for the birth of your baby. You will have received all the necessary check-ups and education during your prenatal consultations, including your appointments with our affiliated gynaecologists. Your midwife will provide comforting support, grounded reassurance and professional clinical care when the time for your baby to be born arrives. 

Each private birth-room has ample space and is a tranquil environment to move about freely whilst you are in labour.  The birth tub provides women with the choice to have a water birth if desired. Necessary medical supplies and equipment are always close at hand.  At each birth, a second Genesis staff midwife attends the birth as well. With our  theatre and our neonatal resuscitation unit, you are reassured that we have all the necessary medical back-up in the event of a caesarean section that may be needed.

After the birth, you recover in one of the semi-private rooms, together with your new-born. Families are encouraged to bond with their new baby, as midwives continue to provide supportive care.

During your stay at our In-House Birth Unit, you can expect one-on-one care from our staff midwives, your choice of labour support people, privacy and respect. You can expect appropriate monitoring and freedom of movement in birth position. The Genesis staff midwives will care for your baby in the immediate postnatal stage and assist with facilitating breastfeeding. You can rest assured that you and your baby’s well-being are of primary concern.

inhousebirthingatgenesisMoms labour and birth in one of our two Private Labour & Birth-Rooms: Protea and Marula birthinhouserooms

We have four Semi-Private Recovery Rooms: Thyme, Neroli, Arum and Cosmos


  • Each mom births in a beautifully appointed private birth room through the entire labour and birth. We have two birth rooms in our In-House Birth Unit. 
  • Each birth room has a birth tub for labour and a waterbirth, as well as an en suite shower for convenience and each room is decorated with a touch of style to create an environment of tranquillity and comfort.
  • Each mom recuperates in a semi-private room with a single bed and a shared en suite shower and lavatory.
  • Visiting is at the discretion of mothers, with no visiting hours stipulated by the clinic itself.
  • At Genesis Clinic, the environment and service is designed to make you feel comfortable and safe while ensuring optimum care for you and your precious newborn.