Tour & Meet the Independent Midwives Info Session

Would you like to view our beautiful clinic? Our Tour & “Meet the Midwives” Info Sessions are specifically geared for expectant parents who want to birth with an Independent Midwife as you will get the opportunity to meet a few midwives and ask them questions about midwifery-led care.

An Independent midwife is a midwife that works in her own private practice, caring for the mother throughout her antenatal consultations, as she births her baby as well as after the birth by supporting the family. You will therefore be able to create a more one-on-one relationship with her as your main caregiver. Please note that not all independent  midwives are able to attend these sessions, due to their personal commitments and they offer the meet and greet as a service to expectant parents, so they can choose an independent midwife of their choice.  If you already have  a specific independent  midwife in mind, it is recommended to contact her  and set up an appointment, as they cannot predict if they are at a birth, as that is their first priority. The list and profiles of the independent midwives can be found here.

Please note that if you have decided to birth with the in-house midwives, we do not offer the opportunity to meet them, the reason being, when you birth with the staff/in-house midwives, you will not be able to choose an individual staff midwife, as you will get the midwife on duty on the day you go into labour. You may prefer to join a tour and you will be given all the information required for birthing at Genesis Maternity clinic. The tour and introduction is an hour long. Please view the tour dates here.

What can you expect at a Tour & “Meet the Midwives” Info Session

  • Meet & greet a few of the independent midwives. (Please note as mentioned above, that not all independent midwives are not able to attend, as they may be at a birth.)
  • Expectant parents can choose to book and/ or meet the independent midwife.
  • You will gain all information for how to start your antenatal care and birthing at Genesis Maternity Clinic.
  • Tour of the Genesis facilities, viewing of  the Luxury Family Rooms , the In-House Birth Unit as well as the Labour and Birth rooms. *Viewing of the rooms is dependant on availability!
  • An opportunity to meet a few of the ladies that offer pregnancy and birth related services(Doulas, CPR Courses etc). This is a fantastic opportunity as most independent midwives prefer to work with the services endorsed by Genesis Maternity Clinic . These professionals have years of experience as in their field.

Booking for a Tour & “Meet the Midwives” Info Session

In order to register for the Info Session, please email us at, along with the following details:

  • The date you would like to attend, (bookings are not done telephonically, please via email only please.)
  • Name and surname of people attending. (Please limit this to couples only as we are limited for space).
  • How many weeks pregnant you are