Booking Procedure

Before a mom can book her bed at Genesis Maternity Clinic, she will need to have had her first antenatal consultations with a midwife. This is so that the midwife can assess her pregnancy as low-risk and may continue her maternity journey and for a birth at Genesis Clinic. Once you have been confirmed as low risk, you can start the booking procedure at week 32.

Bookings can only be done at reception, and you need to be there in person to fill out all the admission forms, as we cannot process these documents online. As Genesis Clinic offers payment options, and you will be required to sign the checklist to ensure that you have everything in order before you start your pre-admission journey.

Below you can view the checklist of what is required of you when booking your bed at reception. 

You will also be asked to sign the following attached form for the Paediatrician when you book at reception, please reads the Paediatric Service_Booking Letter_2020

For all clients the following is required:

Checklist for Medical Aid Clients:

Checklist for Non-Medical Aid Clients: