What to Pack for Genesis

clinicchecklistYour Checklist: What to Pack for Genesis Clinic

Once you have reached around 34 weeks of pregnancy, you will need to pack your bag, ready for your stay at Genesis Clinic. Packing your birth bag, or labour bag, is a lovely thing to do. Not all babies arrive on their due date, so it’s reassuring to be prepared for birth well in advance. Once your bag is packed, you can now enjoy the last few weeks until your baby’s arrival! We have included a downloadable and printable checklist for your convenience, at the bottom of the page.

Moms receive a care package upon admission with the following items:

  • Maternity pads
  • Baby aqueous cream
  • Breast pads
  • Baby oil
  • Nipple cream
  • Pack of nappies
  • Teddy bear
  • Educational booklet
  • Baby wipes
  • Baby top to toe wash
  • Baby bum cream
  • Cotton wool

The mini fridge in your room will be stocked with a bottle of water, a fruit juice and an energy drink.

Parents are advised to bring these items from home:

For mom:

Your birth plan (if you have one)
A comfortable bra or tank top for labouring in water
Music for your labour & birth
Stretch/disposable maternity panties
Maternity pads (bring extra)
Maternity bras
PJ’s with a top suitable for breastfeeding
Toiletries and personal items
Lip balm, (your lips can dry out quickly in labour)
Squeeze bottle for a salt spritz bath)
Four to five towels, if you are planning a water birth
Non-slip socks (whilst labouring)
Massage oil for your labour
Hairbands or a clip, if you have long hair
Water spray or a hand-held fan
Bendy straws for water/juice bottles
Extra pillow(s) from home

Some women find it useful to bring a few special objects from home – perhaps a photograph, candles, inspiring birth affirmations or even a favourite blanket or cushion. This can help you to feel comfortable and at home and will give you something to focus on during labour.

For Baby:

Extra disposable diapers or newborn cloth nappies
Wecesin powder (weeping wound) for cord care (or cotton buds to clean the cord with warm water)
Clothes for your newborn (3 sets of onesies, long & short sleeved)
Three blankets and a towel for baby
Receiving blanket 
Baby car seat for when you go home

For Dad/Partner:

Clothes that are comfortable
Toiletries and personal items 
Button down shirt (for skin-to-skin)
Healthy energising snacks & juices
Cellphone and charger with adapters
Your camera, batteries & chargers

beetle Tips before you go onto labour:

For the car:

    • Install the baby car seat properly.
    • Keep the petrol tank full.
    • Old towels to sit on, in case your water breaks on the way to Genesis.
  • Bring along a brown bag or two, for vomiting in sometimes women in labour may feel nauseous.

Miscellaneous things to prepare for:

    • Keep your pets food and water bowls full and the litter box clean, (the latter must not be done by a pregnant woman for hygiene reasons.)
    • Make special arrangements for your pets.
  • Ask a friend to run errands if you need anything at the last minute.
  Download and print your checklist here.