Birth Posts

Birth stories have a lasting impact on expectant mothers. The purpose of sharing birth stories,  is to recognize the influence of birth stories as a key component of informal communication of knowledge about childbirth for expectant mothers.  Without exception, knowledge of childbirth has been a persistent measure of a feminine, woman-to-woman legacy. For most expectant mothers, this traditional communication has been an influential, primary way to learn about giving birth. This unique art of storytelling illuminates the specialness, subtlety, and emotional components of birthing. When positive birth stories are shared, special messages are conveyed that describe the courage and power of women as birth givers, the integrity of the birth process, and the sanctity of the family; thus, the beauty and delicacy of the maternal newborn interactions are conveyed. These stories have the potential to change the beliefs of those who become vicarious learners. Stories of birth that mothers tell their daughters have been altered by years of a medically managed system. As a result, a generation of women is silent and without birth stories. Grandmothers, the traditional family historians, are without voice. This generation of mothers was chemically silenced in knowing their birth experiences. Not all women know about birth practices that include support, verbal instruction, caring, and nurturance, thus influencing the essence of every woman. Before the medicalization of childbirth, young women heard stories about strength and power in birthing, not about difficulty and suffering. [1.]

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