Genesis Maternity Clinic

Genesis Maternity Clinic

Private Maternity Clinic based in Gauteng

Welcome to Genesis Maternity Clinic

At Genesis Maternity Clinic, we believe that every mother-to-be has the right to choose. The right to feel safe and supported. To have her physical and emotional needs met. You have the power to control the process ~ after all, it’s about your body, your baby, and your birth. At our midwife-led, active birthing facility, the focus is on a holistic approach to childbirth. While we offer relaxing facilities in a natural setting, the perfect balance is achieved with our team of medical professionals, who are on standby, ready to intervene, should the need arise. Part of Life Healthcare, we endeavour towards a seamless birthing process. Empower and liberate yourself by working with your body, and expect the utmost care, pre, during and post birth.
Genesis Clinic’s approach to labour and birth is based on centuries of wisdom: when women labour and birth instinctively, the result is transforming and empowering for the mother, her partner and the whole family.
midwife-led care
A midwife will be your main healthcare professional, responsible for the care given to a woman from the initial booking of antenatal visits, labour and birth and during the postnatal period. 
medical support
You will be supported by one of the Genesis affiliated Obstetricians/ Gynaecologists and we have an on-site theatre where our medical professionals are on standby, ready to intervene, should the need arise.

What our clients are saying

Sharing the love
“I can not begin to explain what an amazing experience I had at Genesis. From the first day I went there for my 5 week scan to the day I left after my all natural birth. Every single staff member was friendly and helpful always. During our stay we were so well looked after from the food to the cleaning of the room to the nurses on duty. I do not know how anyone can choose to go anywhere else.”
Sharing the love
"This is an amazing clinic with midwives and doctors who I can honestly say went above and beyond to ensure the safe arrival of my precious baby boy. Thank you Genesis."
Sharing the love
"Had an amazing experience or the birth of our daughter. Everyone at Genesis was absolutely amazing… I felt like I was the only person giving birth. The facility was clean, serene and beautiful just what every mommy needs at a moment like that. The midwives were attentive, helpful, friendly and caring. We would recommend Genesis to each and every mommy. p.s can I check myself in for a little weekend stay!"
Sharing the love
"Genesis was the most unbelievable and memorable experience i have had. Every staff personal there was so friend so caring and extremely informed. As first time natural birthing parents we never felt at any stage that we were alone in it. Although complications rose and we ended up having to do a caesarean, that in itself was handled so beautifully! Thank you to everyone at Genesis for making our stay so wonderful!"