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Genesis Maternity Clinic

Private Maternity Clinic based in Gauteng

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At Genesis Maternity Clinic, we believe that every mother-to-be has the right to choose. The right to feel safe and supported. To have her physical and emotional needs met. You have the power to control the process ~ after all, it’s about your body, your baby, and your birth. At our midwife-led, active birthing facility, the focus is on a holistic approach to childbirth. While we offer relaxing facilities in a natural setting, the perfect balance is achieved with our team of medical professionals, who are on standby, ready to intervene, should the need arise. Part of Life Healthcare, we endeavour towards a seamless birthing process. Empower and liberate yourself by working with your body, and expect the utmost care, pre, during and post birth.
Step 1
Starting your Antenatal Care Bringing a child into the world is one of life’s most incredible and empowering events and at Genesis Maternity Clinic we enrich this experience by offering you well-researched, informed choices. We want...
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Step 2
Genesis Maternity Facilities Genesis Maternity Clinic is a 14 bed facility which comprises two labour rooms, four semi private recovery rooms and eight fully private rooms with their own birthing baths. Our eight fully private rooms are our...
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Step 3
Genesis Facility Fees Our Facility Fees are designed to give you maximum choice, with world-class maternity care and birth support for complete peace of mind. Genesis Maternity Clinic accepts both medical aid and non-medical aid...
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Step 4
Services, Classes and Events at Genesis Maternity Clinic Genesis Maternity Clinic is a hub of activity with services, classes, workshops and events that provide you with the education and skills to enrich your pregnancy and...
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Your baby, your way

At Genesis Maternity Clinic we are grateful for the privilege of taking part in the miracle of a new life entering into the world. Our beautiful clinic is nestled in the leafy green suburb of Saxonwold, Johannesburg.  The clinic offers professional and supportive maternity care throughout your pregnancy and the birth of your baby. We accept both and medical aid and non-medical patients. By offering informed choices, we believe mothers and their partners are empowered, encouraged, and transformed to parents who are equipped to give their baby the very best start in life. Family-centred and intimate, Genesis Maternity Clinic offers exceptional midwifery care for you, your partner and your baby.

Genesis Maternity Clinic

Birth Stories

Birth stories have a lasting impact on expectant mothers. The purpose of sharing birth stories, is to recognize the influence of birth stories as a key component of informal communication of knowledge about childbirth for expectant mothers. Without exception, knowledge of childbirth has been a persistent measure of a feminine, woman-to-woman legacy. For most expectant mothers, this traditional communication has been an influential, primary way to learn about giving birth.
The Waterbirth of Audrey Lilly
Audrey Lilly, born at Genesis Clinic on 29 of June 2011 It all started at about 1 am on the 28th of June 2011. Not knowing what real contractions felt like and seeing that they were irregular I went blissfully back to sleep unaware that I was in the beginning stages of labour! The...
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Independent Midwife, Linda Viljoen, births her baby at Genesis Clinic
Micah Viljoen, born at Genesis Clinic on 10 April, 2011 As told by his mommy, Linda Viljoen, Genesis staff Midwife (who has since imigrated to Australia with her family). I am in the unique position of being a midwife and a mother to three precious children. This is the story...
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Arriving just in time to birth at Genesis!
Jessica Van Der Merwe, born at Genesis on 2 July 2011 My name is Bernice Van Der Merwe, I gave birth to  my second daughter Jessica on the 2nd July 2011.  Having birthed with Growth Spurt at a previous Active birthing Unit, I had no doubt in my mind that my...
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It’s a Wonderful World
Abigail James, born at Genesis Clinic on 25 of February 2016 I always knew that I wanted to birth my kids the way nature intended, naturally. I had always said "if my mom could do it (mom has a very low pain tolerance) then I could too." When I was...
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