Starting your Antenatal Care:


Welcome to Genesis Maternity Clinic! The exciting journey to becoming a family is just the beginning. At our midwife-led, active birthing facility, the focus is on a holistic approach to childbirth. While we offer relaxing facilities in a natural setting, the perfect balance is achieved with our team of medical professionals who are on standby, ready to intervene should the need arise. 

No matter what point you are in your pregnancy, you should know what options you have when it comes to your maternity care. You only get one chance to give birth to this baby. It’s never too late to consider a change of care provider or site of birth. Most women are healthy and low-risk pregnancies and births. Over the years, evidence has emerged which shows that, for this group of women, giving birth in a midwife-led unit instead of a traditional hospital labour ward is a safe option. [1]


Confirming your pregnancy:

Once you have a confirmed positive blood test that you are pregnant, you may wonder, what the next step is for your antenatal care!  We advise that you have a scan at week 8 of pregnancy, as the first scan will confirm the pregnancy and it will confirm the estimated due date.

Thereafter,  3D "Anomaly" scan should be scheduled during your 12-13 week of pregnancy, which is to check and exclude any structural defects. Once your pregnancy has been confirmed as low-risk, you can book with your choice of midwife for your antenatal care. To make a booking for a scan at Genesis Clinic, please follow the link here.