Private Midwives at Genesis Maternity Clinic

Genesis Maternity Clinic is a base for a host of private midwives. At Genesis Clinic we are passionate about moms, babies and birth because we believe in the strength of women and the abilities of their bodies. We understand that most women want to be empowered through birth and give themselves and their babies the best and safest experience possible. Private Midwives are midwives that work in their own private practice care for the mother throughout her prenatal consultations and as she births her baby as well as postnatally, supporting the family. Not only do you get a caregiver that is nurturing and trustworthy, but you also get a professional who is aware of the latest research, and knows when technology is necessary and when to use it and when not to.

The goal of the midwife is the health and well being of mother and baby. She has the resources, wisdom and professional training to safely guide the journey of pregnancy. A Registered Midwife in South Africa is qualified with a 4 year diploma or degree in general nursing and midwifery, with an accredited South African Nursing Council (SANC) facility. Some midwives are Advanced Midwives and have completed an additional two years post basics, which is accredited by the SANC.

A qualified midwife is a specialist in natural birth and thus has the skills to monitor women and their babies through pregnancy, labour, birth and into parenthood.

As well as her clinical expertise, she shares with you the desire for a healthy and empowering birth experience and uses her knowledge and experience to guide you towards this goal. Your pre and postnatal visits can be up to three times longer than standard doctor visits  because the midwife take the time to listen to the parents, offering appropriate information for physical, emotional or clinical support and your options of care.

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