Pure Bliss Package: R14 320.00

Second-time Mothers who have had a previous normal birth; Birthing with a Genesis Staff Midwife in our In-House Birth Unit.

*We kindly need to inform our private/non-medical aid clients that Genesis Maternity Clinic requires the upfront deposit of R14 320.00. Unfortunately admission will be declined if the deposit payment has not been made in full by 36 weeks of pregnancy. Should a private client choose to birth in a Luxury Family Room, please view the fees here.

We have partnered with First Health Finance should you require financial assistance with your deposit. Please contact them directly on 0800 212 537 or www.fhf.co.za for more information. If you qualify for the full amount, the deposit payment falls away as First Health Finance pay us directly.

In-House Staff Midwife-led Birth, staying for 2 nights after the birth.

The Pure Bliss Package fee structure is for all Second-time Mothers who have already had a normal birth and are non-medical aid clients wanting to birth in our In-House Birth Unit, (this excludes moms who have had a previous caesarean section). A deposit of R14 320.00 is required for birthing in our In-House Birth Unit. (This excludes the costs for a Caesarean if needed). Couples will be supported by a Genesis staff midwife during the labour and birth of their baby.  Couples wanting to bring along their own birth support teams, such as a private doula, are most welcome to do so. Moms stay over to rest and recuperate in a semi-private room for the duration of their stay at Genesis In-House Birth Unit.

*All private clients are required to put their baby on a Medical Aid before birth.

Normal Birth: Following a normal birth, the deposit fees of R14 320.00 include the following:
  • Normal Delivery Facility Fee for the In-House Birth Unit R9590.00
  • Genesis Staff Midwifery Delivery Fee R3650.00
  • Paediatrician Fee for a Normal Birth R1080.00
Excluded in the R14 320.00 deposit fee: (and in the event of a Caesarean Section)
  • Caesarean Section: R17 660.00 (excludes the gynaecologists fee for performing the Caesarean).
  • Paediatrician Fee for a Caesarean   R3200.00.
  • Epidural for a Caesarean R1700.00 
  • The anaesthetist’s fee for performing an epidural. This fee must be settled directly with the anaesthetist.
  • Consultations with a Genesis affiliated gynaecologist as your back-up doctor.
  • Any Lancet laboratory fees are to be paid directly to Lancet.
  • Any scans done with the sonographer
  • Antenatal overnight observation
  • Additional Night – Mom & Baby
  • Additional meals
  • Private doulas
  • Any additional NST’s.
  • If required, transfer/medical costs of baby to a hospital. You will be responsible for this fee.  Alternatively you need to have access to R250 000 immediately to admit your baby into another private facility's Neonatal ICU.)  For this reason it is highly recommended that your baby be put onto a medical aid before the birth. You will be responsible for this fee.
Each semi-private room has the following amenities:

Please note: Each mother births in a beautifully appointed private birth room through the entire labour and birth. We have two birth rooms in our In-House Birth Unit. Each birth room has a birth tub for labour and a waterbirth, as well as an en suite shower for convenience and each room is decorated with a touch of style to create an environment of tranquillity and comfort.

  • Single bed
  • Baby bassinette
  • Shared en suite bathroom
  • Small fridge
  • Coffee and tea station
  • Balcony
Consultation Fees with the Genesis Staff Midwife:
  • Midwife In-HouseDelivery Fee: 
    • R3650 (included in the deposit)
  • Antenatal Consultations:
    • First consultation: R250
    • Antenatal birth preparation consultation: R250
    • Antenatal consultations: R200
      • Weekly until 28 weeks of pregnancy
      • Bi-weekly until 37 weeks of pregnancy
      • Weekly until birth
  • Postnatal consultations:
    • 3 to 4 days after the birth of your baby: R200
    • 3 weeks postnatally: R200
    • 6 weeks postnatally, which includes a papsmear: R200
Epidural for a Normal Birth: R1700.00

Should you wish to have an epidural during labour, an anaesthetist will administer the epidural and you will be responsible for payment to the anaesthetist.


Genesis recommends that your baby be assessed by a paediatrician before going home. The paediatrician fees for a normal birth are included in the R14 320.00 deposit.

  • Paediatrician Fee for a Normal Birth R1080.00
  • Paediatrician Fee for a Caesarean R3200.00
Private Doulas

Genesis endorses the support of doulas. This is at the client’s own costs and excluded in the deposit.

2D Ultrasound Scans

For bookings and details of ultrasound scans please view here. This is at the client’s own costs and excluded in the deposit.

Lancet Laboratory Tests

Any Lancet laboratory fees are to be paid directly to Lancet. This is at the client’s own costs and excluded in the deposit.

Antenatal Overnight Observation

Should you need overnight observation during your pregnancy: R2 230.00. This is at the client’s own costs and excluded in the deposit.

Additional Night for Mom and Baby

Any extra nights over and above your  2 night stay will be charged at R800.00 (Excluded in the deposit).

Additional NST’s are charged R200.00

Monitoring your Baby’s well-being during Pregnancy. The CTG is also know as a Non-Stress Tests and are offered 24 hours per day and if you are concerned about baby’s movements, please notify the Clinic or midwife. Genesis includes the first 3 free CTG readings during your pregnancy.

Billibed Hire / Day

R320.00 (Excluded in the deposit).

Additional Meals: R50

Genesis can provide extra meals at a cost of R50.00 per meal. Any special dietary requirements may incur additional costs.