Private Clients Fees for Birthing in the In-House Birth unit

Private Clients:

First Time & VBAC Mothers


R29 120.00

Birthing in the In-House Birth Unit

Deposit Includes:

  • R24 000.00Emergency Caesarean Section; 
  • R1 920.00: Epidural or the Caesarean Section
  • R3 200.00Paediatrician for the Caesarean Section
  • Mom, baby & partner stay up to 48 hours from admission, (duration of your stay is dependant on your medical aid)
  • If a caesarean section is needed, your stay is 72 hrs from admission
  • First three NST (Non Stress Tests) are free
  • Mom and baby gift bag

  • All meals for your duration

Included in the Deposit Fees for a Normal Birth in the In-House Birth Unit:

An upfront deposit of R29 120.00 is required. The deposit partially covers the fees in the event of an emergency Caesarean Section as well as the Paediatrician fee. Unfortunately admission will be declined if the deposit payment has not been made in full. Following a natural birth, the balance of the deposit will be refunded.


Excluded in the Deposit Fees for a Normal Birth in the In-House Birth Unit:

  • Billing and fees charged for private midwives, obstetricians and anaesthetists and any other external service providers.
  • Mothers who have had one previous c-section and want a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean), can only choose a private midwife only, and not a staff midwife.
  • Private midwife antenatal consultation and delivery fees. 
  • (If you choose a staff midwife, the upfront midwife delivery fee of R3 650.00 is required over and above the private room fee of R1 500.00).
  • Staff midwife antenatal consultation fees. 
  • The anaesthetist’s fee for performing an epidural. This fee must be settled directly with the anaesthetist.
  • Consultations with a Genesis affiliated obstetrician as your back-up doctor. This fee must be settled directly with the obstetrician. Private rates apply. 
  • Any Lancet laboratory fees are to be paid directly to Lancet.
  • Any scans done with the sonographer in private practice: R600.00. 
  • Antenatal overnight observation: R2 230.00.
  • Additional Night – Mom & Baby: R2 100.00.
  • Additional meals. R50 for extra meals.
  • Private Doulas. Private rates apply.
  • Billed hire: R300.00 (with a R600.00 deposit)
  • Any additional NST’s: R200.00 (First three are free),
  • If required, transfer/medical costs of baby to a hospital. You will be responsible for this fee.  Alternatively you need to have access to R100 000 immediately to admit your baby into another private facility's Neonatal ICU.)  For this reason it is highly recommended that your baby be put onto a medical aid before the birth. You, or your medical aid will be responsible for this fee.