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We believe that education is power, and educating yourself for preparation in pregnancy, labour and birth will ensure you make empowered choices . Genesis Clinic offers many courses, workshops and classes to ensure you receive good, sound advice from the professionals we endorse.


Genesis Clinic will be at the MamaMagic™, The Baby Expo at The Dome from the 26 - 29 November, 2015. Genesis Clinic will be part of the "Pampers Baby On Board" Competition and will give one lucky mom that enters the Pampers Baby on Board Competition at the Mama Magic Baby Expo to win the Genesis Clinic Birth Prize.


Genesis Clinic Baby Expo Prize

Terms and Conditions

  1. The prize being offered to one winner of the Baby Expo Pregnancy competition being run at the Joburg  Baby Expo between 26 and 29 November 2015 by Genesis Clinic Saxonwold (Pty) Ltd includes the following: 
  2. 20 and 36 week antenatal consults with one of the Genesis Clinic gynaecologists including a scan at each.
  3. Antenatal consults with one of the Genesis Clinic Private Midwives at 24, 28, 32, 34, 38, 39 and 40 weeks.
  4. The booking fee for Genesis Clinic which includes a mom and baby bag with a host of supplies needed for your stay (please see website or welcome letter for contents of this bag).
  5. The hospital bill for birth of the baby including ethicals and surgical used for delivering the baby and including a 24 hour post partum stay after a natural vaginal delivery or a 72 hour post partum stay after an emergency C-section.
  6. The private midwife’s fee for delivering the baby.
  7. Should a C-section be medically necessary, the fees for the gynaecologist, anaesthetist and paediatrician are included.
  8. The fee for dad or a birthing partner to stay over for the full duration of the winner’s stay.


The following items are NOT included in the prize:


  1. Any medical bills incurred for intra or post-natal complications e.g.: uterine repairs, retained placenta, PPH etc.
  2. Any medical bills incurred due to illness or complications during the pregnancy such as additional CTGs, hospital admissions for observation, medication required during pregnancy etc.
  3. Any medical bills incurred as a result of any illness or condition of the delivered baby such as neonatal high care or ICU admissions or necessary procedures or medications.
  4. Any medical bills already incurred at the time the client wins the prize (e.g. previous appointments with gynae etc).
  5. Should the winner be on a comprehensive medical aid and wish to claim her antenatal consults, practitioner fees and hospital bill in full from said medical aid, Genesis Clinic will substitute the prize with a R10 000 cash prize upon the delivery of her baby at Genesis Clinic and will still waive the clinic’s booking fee and the fee for dad or a birthing partner to stay for the duration of the winner’s hospital stay.
  6. The prize as detailed in 1 and 2 above is only valid for a winner who chooses to deliver her baby at Genesis Clinic.  Should the winner choose to deliver her baby at home or at another facility, Genesis Clinic Saxonwold (Pty) Ltd will not be held liable for any costs incurred whatsoever.
  7. In choosing to deliver her baby at Genesis Clinic, the winner understands that she will need to enter into a contract with the clinic detailing the financial responsibilities of each party.
  8. In choosing to deliver her baby at Genesis Clinic, the winner understands that she will be able to make use of a gynaecologist and midwife who have birthing rights at the clinic.
  9. In the instance that the winner makes the decision to deliver at Genesis Clinic and completes her antenatal care under one of the clinic’s practitioners but is unable, on the date of her baby’s birth to deliver at Genesis Clinic, either due to medical complications that prohibit her admission to the facility or due to a lack of beds available at the time, Genesis Clinic will still cover the cost of the client’s practitioner bills (midwife, gynae, anaesthetist and paediatrician) for the delivery of the baby at another facility.  In addition, Genesis Clinic will make a contribution up to R5000 to the winner’s booking fee at said facility and to cover a private room rather than a ward.
  10. In the instance described in point 7 above, Genesis Clinic may not be held liable for the hospital bill or any medical bills incurred as a result of intra or post-natal complications or illness or conditions of the baby.

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We are also very proud of our special midwife Jeanell du Plessis who received an excellence in nursing award from Discovery Health –
she was selected as one of the top ten in the whole country based on client feedback from Discovery! Well done Jeanell!
Here she is holding her award and alongside her is Jude Polack director of Genesis Clinic.