Medical aid clients will be charged according to the Life Healthcare scale of benefits, as negotiated by your medical aid. You are responsible for enquiring with your Medical Aid, what they will cover for a birthing in either our In-House Birth Unit or a Luxury Family Room. 

Birthing in the In-House Birth Unit:

Our In-House Birth Unit has been developed to make gentle birth available  to clients who would like to utilise this cost effective unit. You can birth with the In-House Staff Midwife, or you can birth with a Private Midwife.

Birthing in a Luxury Family Room:

When you choose to birth in a luxury Family Room, you can only use the services of a Private Midwife. 

Booking In:

You will need to personally contact your medical aid and supply us with an authorisation number from your medical aid before filling in our booking forms.) Bookings are done before 36 weeks and you will need to personally come in with the following:

  • Your medical aid authorisation number.
  • Your medical aid card.
  • Your ID book.
  • The person (if it is not you), responsible for the account, along with their ID book.


*Important changes to Medical Aid Bonitas which will affect clients on Bonitas from 1 January 2017. As from 1 January 2017 Life Healthcare will no longer be a designated service provider (DSP) for the treatment of Bonitas medical aid patients. This was a decision made by the Medical Aid and not by the Life Healthcare. Should a Bonitas client be admitted to Genesis Clinic from 1 January 2017 there would have been a 30% co-payment made payable by the client on admission. Given these concerns, Life Healthcare has taken the decision not to enforce the 30% co-payment and there will therefore be no financial impact on members.