Medical Aid Clients

Luxury Family Room

Upfront Private Room Fee:

R1 500.00

Facility Fee Includes:

  • Mom, baby & partner stay up to 48 hours from admission, (duration of your stay is dependant on your medical aid)
  • If a caesarean section is needed, your stay is 72 hrs from admission.
  • First three NST (Non Stress Tests) are free
  • Mom and baby gift bag
  • All meals for your duration

Excluded in Genesis Facility Fees for a Normal Birth in a Luxury Family Room:

  • In the event that you may need to undergo an emergency caesarean, your medical aid will be charged according to the Life Healthcare scale of benefits as negotiated by your medical aid.  Please note that certain foreign medical aids may or may not be covered.  We do not deal with Medical Insurance or Top Up Policies.  Any client with a foreign medical aid that is not covered will need to put down a deposit as a private patient and claim back from their medical aid after the birth. (Please refer to the private rate fees below for this information).
  • Private midwife antenatal consultation and delivery fees. 
  • (If you choose a staff midwife, the upfront midwife delivery fee of R3 650.00 is required over and above the private room fee of R1 500.00).
  • Staff midwife antenatal consultation fees. 
  • The anaesthetist’s fee for performing an epidural. This fee must be settled directly with the anaesthetist.
  • Consultations with a Genesis affiliated obstetrician as your back-up doctor.
  • Any Lancet laboratory fees are to be paid directly to Lancet.
  • Any scans done with the sonographer.
  • Antenatal overnight observation.
  • Additional Night – Mom & Baby.
  • Additional meals.
  • Private doulas.
  • Billibed hire
  • Any additional NST’s.
  • If required, transfer/medical costs of baby to a hospital. You will be responsible for this fee.  Alternatively you need to have access to R100 000 immediately to admit your baby into another private facility's Neonatal ICU.)  For this reason it is highly recommended that your baby be put onto a medical aid before the birth. You, or your medical aid will be responsible for this fee.