"Meet the Midwife", Info Session


An opportunity for expectant couples to gain more insight about birthing at Genesis Maternity Clinic. The Info Sessions are primarily for new clients who have not yet booked with a midwife and want to learn more about Genesis Maternity Clinic. 

NB note: the Info Sessions are for expectant parents who have not yet booked with a midwife, and who want to learn more about Genesis Clinic. If you would like a tour and general info about the clinic, please see our dates for an Orientation Tour.


Each info session offers:

 The opportunity to view the Luxury Family Rooms, the In-House Birth Unit as well as the Labour and Birth rooms.

 Prospective clients have the opportunity to meet Private Midwives.

Watch a DVD screening of a water birth (non-graphic).

See what services and products are offered at Genesis Clinic.

 Please note: We will endeavour to have the rooms available for tours, however, we have no control of when clients babies are born and therefore the rooms may be occupied.  Should this happen, we will be unable to show you the rooms.



Visitors must book via email only, with your name and surname, contact details and how many people will be attending. Space is limited and booking is essential.



Info Sessions are held every month, on a Wednesday evening from 18:00 to 20:30. We start promptly at 18:00. 

  • 12 July 2017 

  • 16 August 

  • 20 September
  • 25 October
  • 29 November