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Congratulations!  You have found out that you are pregnant, and obviously you are eager to learn everything there is to know about pregnancy, labour, birth and babies.  Most parents-to-be get a lot of (well-meant) advice, but perhaps not always so accurate.

Then there is surfing the net... you spend hours googling 'birth', 'pregnancy' and so on, but may not always come across good, sound information. Genesis Clinic has set up a select set of books as well as website links.

Here are some of Genesis Clinic’s favourite pregnancy and birth related books, birth dvd's and websites.

Some are local sites, some are not, but we assure you, you will find some great information to help you in your path of pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond. We are always sourcing useful, interesting (and reputable) websites with good information for pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatally. If you have any great websites/blogs or books to read, please pass it on by emailing it to us!


If there is a book/dvd that interests you, Mother Instinct, based in Fairlands, is the place to go to purchase most of these books.

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Recommended Reading

Web sites of interest:

Doulas Of South Africa - This site is dedicated to professionals as well as informing the public of the role and scope of doulas.

Kangaroo Mother Care - Dr Bergman gives scientific evidence to promote the spread and implementation of Kangaroo Mother Care for all newborn babies, both premature and full term. Jill Bergman's book is a great asset and must have for all parents with a premature baby or a baby in a neonatal ICU.

The Mama Bamba Way - Natural Birth Support and prepartion in Cape Town.

Sacred Space Doula Training - This website has information about doula training. There is also a list of doulas, the areas they work in and their contact numbers.

Birthing in Awareness - Breastfeeding facilitation, Doula support, Reiki work, Therapeutic massage with essential oils and Mentoring in the 'Birthing from Within' philosophy of mindful awareness into motherhood.

Birth Support - is a space for supporting pregnancy, birth and the newborn mother. Here there is support for women and their families throughout the childbearing year. Support in many different forms is offered through Birthing From Within childbirth preparation classes counselling, doula care, mothers group and birth story healing. Working in Midrand and Randburg, Sally Baker will move anywhere from Joburg to Pretoria.

Instinctive Birth - Instinctive Birth recommends natural childbirthing and breastfeeding as the safest options for the health of mothers and babies, Kempton Park, Boksburg, Benoni and surrounding East Rand areas can share, learn and grow together.

Dr Mom's Natural Health - for pregnancy, birth and beyond, Dr Taryn Turner works towards giving the best chance of a natural pregnancy and birth - based in the greater Durban area .

Attachment Parenting - A website dedicated to educating and supporting all parents in raising secure, joyful and empathetic children, in order to strengthen families and create a more empathetic world.

PNDSA - (Post-Natal Depression Support Association of South Africa) - An organisation started by health professionals and women who have recovered from Postnatal Depression. They are dedicated to supporting other women who may be going through the same experience and to making it easier for them to find help.

Earthbabies - sell natural products like cloth nappies, baby slings and organic cleaning products.

ICAN - International Ceaserean Awareness Network. This website gives information on preventing an unnecessary ceaserean by encouraging you to ask pertinant questions of your caregiver and hospital.

La Leche League - Our Mission is to help mothers worldwide to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education, and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother.

Sheila Kitzinger - Sheila is a social anthropologist who has been working with child bearing women from all around the world. She has an astounding knowledge of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding and is one of my favorite role models.

Midwifery Today - contains a wealth of information on midwifery and issues pertaining to birth.

Mothering Magazine - Inspiring natural parenting, birth, health, breastfeeding and green living.

Mother Instinct - A local website by a midwife and doula. Good information on birth options in South Africa as well as many other services related to pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.

Birthing Naturally - Birthing Naturally exists to provide you with a free source of the information you need to prepare for the best birth for your baby.

Mothers Naturally - The goal of Mothers Naturally is to increase the number of safe and positive births by educating and informing the public about natural birth options and empowering women to make pregnancy and birth choices appropriate for their lives.

Natural Birth and Babycare - Find the information you want on healthy pregnancy, natural childbirth, and baby care.

Mamatoto - mamatoto specialises in caring for women throughout pregnancy, birth & into motherhood. mamatoto was founded by Laura Thomas, a reflexologist, massage therapist & doula. Laura is passionate about women’s health & the benefits of therapeutic touch, and strongly believes in the mind-body & mother-baby connection. mamatoto offers pregnancy & postpartum massage, reflexology treatments & birth support.

SA Preemies - is a National support group for the parents of premature babies born in South Africa. They provide support, information, advice and products pertaining to premature birth and babies.

Birthworks - A local webite with great articles about how natural birth works. They also rent birthing equipment.

Prenatal Yoga -Pregnancy and traditional Hatha Yoga classes as well as courses and workshops focused on pregnancy and general spiritual well-being are offered throughout Randburg, Fourways, Bryanston and Sandton in Johannesburg Gauteng, South Africa.

Empowered to Birth Naturally - This is a mother-friendly site dedicated to empowering and equipping mothers to have the birth of their dreams.

Birth Options - Midwifery is our passion. The future is our vision. With our knowledge, experience commitment and enthusiasm we will strive to empower women with positive experiences.

Spiritual Birth - The spiritual art of birth.

Faithful to Nature - Your online organic shop.

VBAC - group of mothers offering support for other mothers who are considering having a vaginal birth after one or more caesarean births.

Gentle Birth - Leigh-Anne Perelson – offers midwifery and doula services as well as online sales of Epi-Nos and Medela breastpumps and hiring of TENS machines. Also see her facebook page here.

Nurtured Babies - is home to the book "SPIRIT IN PREGNANCY & BIRTH Practical and spiritual care, ceremonies & celebrations". In both the book and the website, you will find supportive guidance, parenting awareness and celebratory style information to empower moms to awaken their internal maternal instincts so as to support their roles as mothers and to nurture the babies of our world too. Visit the author, Colette Van Heerden, on her site or find her on