Birth Stories

The Birth of Bokamoso Hlalefang Radebe

I CANNOT believe that it’s ME on the other side…I’M ON THE FLIP SIDE NOW…W.O.W…
This is MY STORY. Read more.


My Birth Story - In honor of my amazing midwife, the late Susan Joan King , who labeled my birth as the easiest in her career.

Birth History
I had my unneceasarian (unnecessary c-section) in February 2014. Lots of false information told to me by my gynae - Conveniently the day before her theatre day, she 'claimed' I developed pre-eclampsia of which the ONLY symptom I had was slightly elevated blood pressure. Read more.


#SprogDogs Birth Story.

I have had a deep-rooted  fear of birth, which is ironic due to me being a midwife. It wasn’t the type of fear of adverse events occurring (as I knew I had a phenomenal team), but the fear of the pain of the birth process. I have an incredibly low pain tolerance in general – to the extent that if I stub my toe, I need to faint – how on Earth would I cope with labour? Read more.

The First Staff Midwife to Birth at Genesis!

I had recently started my own midwifery practice. So juggling the practice, being a full time staff midwife at Genesis as well as being a mom was more than enough for me. But as luck would have it something else was written in my stars than what I had intended. Read more.

An Empowering VBAC Birth.

I’ve been pregnant twice in my life...  I loved being pregnant!  It’s such a natural, magical, wonderful thing... a miracle! What I didn’t love, was the lack of information regarding birth. I was told that a C-section was the best (and only) option, that my son was huge, that natural birth would ruin my body and wouldn’t it be convenient to “pick the date” and be “organised”. Read more.

Private Midwife, Linda Viljoen, Births her Baby at Genesis Clinic.

I am in the unique position of being a midwife and a mother to three precious children. This is the story of Micah, my last born's birth. My first daughter, Rebecca was born at 38 weeks after my waters broke and I had to be induced by my then midwife and partner in practice, Marinda Taha. Read more.

The Waterbirth of Audrey Lilly.

It all started at about 1 am on the 28th of June 2011. Not knowing what real contractions felt like and seeing that they were irregular I went blissfully back to sleep unaware that I was in the beginning stages of labour! he next morning I had a meeting with some designers at work and at around 11am my husband drove us to Genesis Clinic for our antenatal appointment with our midwife Sue King. Read more.

Arriving just in Time to Birth at Genesis!

Knowing what an advantage an active birth would be for all of us, I looked forward more and more to the birth experience at Genesis, with the tranquillity of the rooms and looking forward to birthing in the gorgeous baths available, also knowing that we would all be able to be involved in this experience and welcoming Baby into the world as a sound happy family unit. Read more.

It's a Wonderful World.

Don't get me wrong, I thank God for the wisdom that doctors have to perform Caesars, but only when it's really necessary. Had I known better at the time, I would have never gone back to the hospital when the doctor called me. I would've waited. Read more.

A First time Mom 

Our journey to Genesis started, I think, as many other mothers has, with a recommendation. As a first time mum, I wanted to experience every little milestone, step, moment and decision that pregnancy would present to me. I envisioned the moment I’d become a mum to the full and was delighted and nervous for what the next 9 months held. Read more.

“I was 41 years’ old and had been told I wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally.”

I was 41 years’ old and had been told I wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally. I decided against any interventions, so had been off the pill for about a year, when I found out I was pregnant. Unexpectedly. After a romantic weekend in the Magaliesburg with my hubby, Paul. Read more.