Giving birth is truly one of the most incredible and empowering life experiences.

We, at Genesis Maternity Clinic are grateful for the opportunity and privilege to have witnessed and held space for the miracle of a new life being born. When informed choices are offered, it empowers, encourages, and transforms mothers and their partners into parents.

We believe in a woman’s ability to create and nurture life and that giving birth is a normal, healthy life event. We assist women and their partners throughout pregnancy, birth and the postpartum time, helping them to achieve and maintain an optimal pregnancy while offering education and emotional support.


During your stay at Genesis Maternity Clinic you have two options where to birth: 

Each mother chooses to birth under the care of one of the private midwives, practising at Genesis Clinic and clients birth in a private Luxury Family Room. You can also choose to birth with our staff midwives in our In-House Birth Unit. Midwives offer safe, science-based, and comprehensive maternity care to low-risk women.

You have all the access to all of the same examinations, testing, supervision, and referrals that would be available under the care of a gynaecologist. Your appointments with one our affiliated gynaecologists will ensure that you are low risk and if in the event you may need a caesarean section, will perform the surgery together with a medical team of the anaesthetist, paediatrician and nursing staff.

Antenatal care with midwives differs from obstetric care in many ways, and several aspects that stand out for our clients are - longer visits, ample opportunity to ask questions and further your education, a compassionate, trusting relationship with your team, postpartum home visits and committed breastfeeding support. At the same time, midwifery care includes careful monitoring and nurturing of the well-being of both mother and baby prenatally, during the birth, and throughout the postpartum period.