Additional Support for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Please view our list of wonderful practitioners, other than the midwives and ob/gyns that work within Genesis Clinic and that offer support to women during pregnancy, birth and beyond.


Here is Refilwe, the first woman to have given birth at Genesis Clinic when we first opened our doors in June, 2009 - her baby girl, Boikgantsho Genesis Motau', was born on the 5th of June' and seen here nursing in her mother's arms.

Dr. Susan Goslett                                                                                                           


Susan Goslett is a Registered Chiropractor practicing Family Chiropractic Wellness in Ferndale and at the Genesis Clinic in Saxonwold.  She has always had a special interest in adjusting children because she believes that "as the twig is bent, so grows the tree."  Providing children with a good solid physical base allows them to develop emotionally and spiritually into well rounded adults.  During the pregnancy of her son Rhyse, Dr Susan realised how very important Chiropractic care during pregnancy can be.  Many women report easier pregnancies and shorter delivery time when they received Chiropractic care.  Dr Susan uses gentle, low force adjusting techniques that are ideal for infants, pregnant women and the elderly (and everyone in between!)  "My passion is to help families to Wellness through assisting Moms through their pregnancies and babies and children in their formative years.  I would like to help you enjoy better health by restoring the integrity of your nervous system with safe and natural Chiropractic care."

She is at Genesis Clinic on Tuesday afternoon and the whole day Friday.
Practice number: 011 787 4177
Mobile number: 082 896 3552

Scans at Genesis Clinic


Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays
Maryke Killian  (Please make bookings through Genesis Clinic)
011 646 3923 / 011 486 4632

Well Baby Clinic                                                                                                                                                                                                      


There is a well baby clinic operating from Genesis Clinic run by Sister Claire Bracher, where moms can return for weigh-ins and immunisations. Claire is also a qualified lactation consultant who can be of assistance with breastfeeding issues.

These clinics are on a Tuesday and Wednesday.

To book an appointment please contact Claire on 082 077 1942

Dr Natalya Dinat 

MD(Mos)  FCOG (SA)  MPhil  Pall Med (UCT)

  • I am an obstetrician-gynaecologist with an interest in homoeopathy.  I am mainly concerned with women's sexual and reproductive health, however since homoeopathy helps the whole person so I am interested you as a person.  I work from the principal that menarche, pregnancy and menopause are natural phases of a woman's life, which unless they become unbalanced, are not states of illness requiring mandatory medical intervention.   There are times in our lives where watchfulness, anticipation and timely intervention are appropriate; when you and your body need assistance, I will offer the safest and most effective routes to assist healing and you to regain your health.    I will use homoeopathic and biomedical methods to reach a diagnosis and after discussion with you, will offer homeopathic remedies or allopathic medicine or combination.   To maintain an optimized state of health you will be offered information on lifestyle and nutrition.


  • FAQ
  • What is homoeopathy?
  • Homoeopathy is a regulated system of medicine, recognized in South Africa by the Allied Health Professions Council.  It works on the principals that the body, mind and soul are one.  It has been used in Europe for more than 250 years.
  • After a thorough examination and detailed discussion your doctor will prescribe remedies for you. Homoeopathy treats you as an individual, recognizing that every individual reacts to illness, infection and trauma differently.  Thus, two people with the ‘same' illness may receive different remedies.
  • Is it more effective than allopathic medicine?  What if I want both?
  • Homoeopathy is effective, but like all systems of medicine has limitations. You and your doctor will discuss your expectations and which treatment choices you have.
  • Is it safe for me and my baby?
  • Homoeopathy is safe when used properly in pregnancy and for newborns.
  • Does it work?
  • It is effective and you may ask your doctor for information on the scientific evidence of its effectiveness.  Where there has been no effect, it is often because remedy was poorly chosen.  The healing effects are due to your body healing itself, so are not as quick as some allopathic medicines. Generally healing will take place in 1/3 of the time that the condition has developed in - from minutes to years.
  • What are the side effects?
  • There are no side effects as with allopathic medicines.  Although some conditions may worsen before they improve.
  • This is a cash practice.  Patients are asked to pay in full before leaving the consultation.


Cell: 082 6772881
Fax:  086 529 7593


*For the first visit kindly arrive 30 minutes before to fill out the patient questionnaire.
Fees subject to change without notice.

Doula Organisation of South Africa

To understand the role of the Doula we must first distinguish it from other caregivers in the birthing process. She is not a doctor, nurse or midwife and is not involved in any medical decisions.

The Doula is trained in and has an understanding of the usual medical interventions so that she can explain to the parents what is happening around them so that some tension or anxiety may be relieved. She forms a bridge between the medical staff and the parents. She also acts as a buffer to unwanted intrusions.

She becomes the mother’s voice during the labour, when the mother is unable to express herself and makes sure that her needs and requests along with both parents’ wishes are respected. She provides an environment where the mother may feel secure and supported as the mother is aware that the Doula will remain with her throughout the labour and birth. The mother therefore feels cared for and supported in one of life’s most powerful moments.

For a more in depth understanding of what a doula does, please view the DOSA website


Dr Candice Barnard

Homeopathic Practitioner


Dr Candice Barnard is a Registered Homoeopathic Practitioner practicing at the Emmarentia Medical and Dental Centre. She has always had a special interest in treating pregnant moms, infant and children with homoeopathy as it treats the entire array of physical, emotional, and mental features of a person.

Homoeopathy is used to treat a wide range of Acute problems as well as successfully treating Chronic ailments – frequently reoccurring problems. Used properly homoeopathy is a gentle, safe and effective method of treatment which boosts the body’s vitality by stimulating the body’s natural ‘self-healing’ capacity and aims to cure the person on the deepest level.

“ I was treated with homoeopathy throughout my pregnancy, during labour, and after the birth of my daughter Aurora, whom I had at Genesis, and so I realise how important it is to receive treatment and  supportive homoeopathy at various stages of your pregnancy, birth and beyond…”

Contact details:

Dr Candice Barnard

M. Tech Hom (UJ) B. Phys Ed. (Wits)  Practice no.: 0389951


101A Komatie rd., Emmarentia

Tel: 082 095 6010 or 011 782 9523