About us

“I can never say thank you enough times to convey my gratitude to Genesis for providing the most beautiful and safe environment for me to bring my Elijah into this world. You truely are a gift to natural birthing mothers!”

We are sure that you are excited about the bundle of joy growing inside you and are trying to find your feet in a world of new information. We at Genesis Clinic respect the right of every woman to make her own choices and be in control of her birth experience.While a healthy baby is a first priority of childbirth, it is not the only goal. Birth can and should be an amazing experience.We know how important it is for you to know that your family is in good hands. Find out about the first class medical facilities, skilled and experienced midwives, gynaes, anaesthetists and paediatricians here at Genesis Clinic Private Maternity Hospital and all of the amazing services we offer our moms.