Genesis Clinic is not only a Private Maternity hospital, but we also make sure you get all the support and education you need regarding your pregnancy, birth, your baby and beyond.We know how much time it takes to look after your new babies, but we also know how important it is for you to get support and be well-educated for your journey into mother and father-hood.

So why not join our wonderful classes on offer with teachers that are as passionate as us about moms and babies!
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Flat View Wednesday, July 29, 2015
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Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Moms & Baby Support Group ( 10:00 - 12:15 )

Little Blessings ‚Äď Moms and Babes Gathering

70 a visit

· Weigh babies, and keep weight cards)

· Breastfeeding support

· Parental advice

· Emotional support

· Mom-to-mom networking

¬∑ 10h30 ‚Äď 12h15, on Wednesday

· Tea, coffee and snacks provided.


Contact Info : Laura Sayce 083 301 2826 Email :
Hypnobirthing Classes ( 19:00 - 22:00 )
  • HypnoBirthing¬ģ
  • About HypnoBirthing:
  • HypnoBirthing¬†involves teaching the technique of self-hypnosis. Through self-hypnosis you achieve a state of deep relaxation, similar to watching the flames in a fire, or the waves crashing in the ocean. It teaches you how to release all prior programming about birth and how to trust your body and work with it. The HypnoBirthing¬†relaxation techniques allow you to let go of fear and other harmful emotions. With lessened tension, your body is freed to tap into your own natural birthing instincts and to function as it is designed to do in childbirth.
  • The Benefits:
  • ¬∑¬†Improved health and better sleep during pregnancy
  • ¬∑¬†Educates you about birthing, allowing you to make more informed birthing choices
  • ¬∑¬†Shortens labour
  • ¬∑¬†Teaches deep levels of relaxation that decrease pain
  • ¬∑¬†Reduces the need for pain-relief or intervention
  • ¬∑¬†Reduces fatigue during labour
  • ¬∑¬†Better recovery after birth and less risk for post-natal depression
  • ¬∑¬†Babies are calmer possibly due to diminished trauma at birth.
  • ¬†
  • How it works:
  • You can start HypnoBirthing√í¬†any time after your 20 week scan, to 36 weeks.¬†The course consists of 4 weekly sessions and can either be held in a group or privately. Groups are up to a maximum of five couples so that there is time for each of you to have your concerns addressed. You will be provided with the official Hypnobirthing book by Marie Morgan, 2 x Relaxation CD‚Äôs, and all course materials.
  • You will learn:
  • ¬∑¬†How your body works and what happens during pregnancy and labour
  • ¬∑¬†Techniques of deep relaxation and how these can assist you during your labour
  • ¬∑¬†How to create a calm, serene birthing environment
  • ¬∑¬†Massage techniques for the birthing partner to assist during labour
  • ¬∑¬†Advice on choosing your healthcare provider and birthing place
  • ¬∑¬†How to write a flexible birthing plan, taking account of your preferences
  • ¬∑¬†How to look after yourself with exercise and nutrition.
  • Course Details:¬†Courses held at¬†Genesis Clinic.¬†5 Northwold Drive, Saxonwold, cnr Jan Smuts 011 646 3923

Theoni is one of the¬†few certified Hypnobirthing¬ģ practitioners in South Africa. Using Hypnobirthing¬ģ methods she teaches mothers and birth companions techniques for safe and satisfying birthing through guided imagery, visualization, and special breathing.

Contact Info : Theoni Papoutsis 083 229 3253 Email : Url:
Thursday, July 30, 2015
Baby Gym ( 09:00 - 10:00 )
  • BabyGym focuses on physical development which provides a firm foundation for all future emotional, social and cognitive development.
  • BabyGym 1: Offers 2 sessions for expecting moms and dads.
  • BabyGym 2: Firm Foundations offers 5 classes (once a week) to Relax and unfold the baby‚Äôs body, Wake up the senses and Strengthen the muscles in the correct sequence. Moms, dads, caregivers and babies between 0-14 months are welcome!
  • BabyGym 3: Advanced sessions offer exercises to reach specific physical milestones like sitting, crawling, standing and walking.
  • Benefits of BabyGym:
  • The BabyGym massage increase body awareness,¬†removes toxins, reduces pain, increases blood circulation and joint flexibility
  • BabyGym awakens & develops all 6 senses (touch, balance, smell, taste, hearing and sight)
  • BabyGym develops muscle tone and strength
  • BabyGym facilitates bonding between parent and baby

Contact Info : Lusya Smith 079 036 8531 Email : Url:
Yoga Mama ( 18:00 - 19:15 )
  • Recommended by most doctors and midwives, prenatal yoga offers a multitude of benefits to both mother and baby throughout pregnancy, during birth and beyond:
    about picJoint exercises¬†‚Äď perfect for poor circulation, swelling/water retention and excellent to improve mobility. Also enhances squatting and other birthing positions.
  • Gentle Stretching¬†‚Äď maintains supple and toned muscles.
  • Breathing¬†‚Äď balances the autonomic nervous system which regulates the major systems of the body and controls hormonal secretions. Deep breathing increases the intake of oxygen to both mother and baby. ‚ÄėBirthing breaths‚Äô aid in the preparation for a calm birthing.
  • Yoga Nidra¬†‚Äď Blood pressure is also lowered and during this relaxation technique and one gains the equivalent of 4 hours deep sleep. Yoga Nidra also promotes inner communication with your child and assists in releasing any impressions associated with the fear of birthing.
  • In addition, by developing a deeper awareness of your body, a powerful connection between a mother and her child is established.


  • ¬†R600/month (1/week), or R999 (2/week)
  • Bring all you need to be comfortable, as well as a yoga mat
  • Perfect atmosphere to be with like-minded Mama‚Äôs, preparing for birth, keeping your body supple and toned, whilst againing some much needed bonding time to relax with babe. No experience necessary¬†

Contact Info : J’anaki Yoga Teacher 076 081 7615 Email : Url:
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